Christmas Slow-Cooker Breakfast Recipes That Are the Real MVPs This Season

Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole
Photo: Caitlin Bensel

Holiday dinners get all the glory—and we're here to change that. We're making a major case for upgrading the holiday breakfast to tradition status. There is one minor detail we needed to work through in order to ensure its feasibility, what with all the present-opening, coffee-drinking, and casual wake up calls the season calls for. The answer? Our trusty slow cooker. Each and every one of these holiday breakfast recipes can be made in the slow cooker, and with the same festive flavors (think cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, and more) that we know you love this time of year. So set the slow cooker then kick back and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the season while breakfast cooks away to the most delicious results.

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Slow-Cooker Apple Butter

Slow-Cooker Apple Butter
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Mary Clayton Carl Jones; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Apple Butter

There's nothing better for topping a warm batch of sweet potato biscuits than our Slow-Cooker Apple Butter. A short list of ingredients go into the slow cooker and just six hours later you'll have perfectly spiced and sweetened apple butter. You'll be spreading it on pastries all season long.

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Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Slow-Cooker Frittata

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Slow Cooker Frittata
Brie Passano

Recipe: Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Slow-Cooker Frittata

Frittatas are beloved for their elevated style with a no-fuss prep that's ideal for a crowd. Our slow-cooker version is even more straightforward than the original thanks to our trusty set-it-and-forget-it appliance. The waffle-fry crust is unexpected, but go with it.

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Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
Caitlin Bensel

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate

What's a holiday breakfast without a little hot chocolate? This recipe comes together effortlessly—and without playing babysitter to a hot pot of milk. Make it an adult beverage by adding in a shot or two of peppermint schnapps.

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Slow-Cooker Cranberry-Pear Butter

Slow-Cooker Cranberry-Pear Butter
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Heather Chadduck Hillegas; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Cranberry-Pear Butter

Our sweet, spiced butter makes a great gift, but it makes an even better companion for biscuits on weekday holiday mornings or even as a festive condiment on the big day.

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Slow-Cooker Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole
Caitlin Bensel

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Cinnamon Roll Casserole

One editor said this recipe is so good that it made her wish she had two slow cookers. It's just the sweet indulgence that's called for after a long winter's nap—and we guarantee it will get any remaining sleepy heads out of bed as soon as the scents start wafting.

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Slow-Cooker Buttermilk Grits

Slow-Cooker Buttermilk Grits
Antonis Achilleos

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Buttermilk Grits

Our classic grits recipe is ready to be customized. Finish it off with one of our three topping concoctions that range from a cheesy ham and egg scramble to a spinach and poached egg mixture finished with crumbled bacon.

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