Christmas Recipes

The South may not be the only region that goes overboard for Christmas, but we like to believe we do host the most fabulous parties. It all starts, of course, with our treasured family recipe boxes and notecards filled with our mothers' and grandmothers' handwriting. We also like to throw in a few of our own family-favorite Christmas recipes we'll be passing down one day, too. Planning festive menus for every Christmas gathering, from a casual cocktail supper to a Christmas Eve feast, is our specialty and you'll never catch us unprepared. All the Christmas trimmings are here, and the charm begins with just a little inspiration. These are our best Christmas recipes: everything you'll ever need to make all the holiday meals this season full of tradition and Southern charm.
Southern Living Classic Monkey Bread on a plate to serve
Classic Monkey Bread
Southern Living Dried Beef Cheese Ball ready to serve with crackers
Dried Beef Cheese Ball
Kentucky Bourbon Balls plated and ready to serve
Kentucky Bourbon Balls