Santa, leave this parked in the driveway and we'll never ask for anything again—until Neiman Marcus reveals next year's Fantasy Gifts

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Lilly Pulitzer Island Car Neiman Marcus
Credit: via Neiman Marcus

Fasten. Your. Seatbelts. Neiman Marcus has big news for Lilly-lovers. The ultimate preppy brand is hitting the streets this holiday season with a brand new Island Car, perfect for zipping around town in your favorite hot pink shift.

Don't slam on the brakes just yet—like that flowy maxi dress you just had to have last summer, these wheels don't come cheap. However, if your childhood fantasies involved owning a real-life Barbie car, then this could be a dream come true. And really, who can put a price tag on that?

Actually, Neiman Marcus can. These sweet wheels will cost you $65,000. Unless Ken wants a dream car too, which will cost an additional $65,000.

The 100% electric cars are available in either pink or green with exclusive Lilly Pulitzer upholstered fabric seats and removable top. Matching totes, towels, swim trunks (for him), and caftan (for her) included.

The His and Hers Island Cars Featuring Lilly Pulitzer were released as one of 10 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts being offered this holiday season. Other indulgent treats include a $120,000 slumber party at the Neiman Marcus flagship store in Dallas; a private quarterback camp with Joe Montana that will cost aspiring athletes a cool $65,000; and a walk-on role in the Broadway musical Waitress, clocking in at a conservative (comparatively speaking) $30,000.

Hey, Santa, as long as you're taking over-the-top requests, we'd really like a white Christmas—and a puppy.

Us Southerners like for things to be done just a little bit bigger and better than most, and we couldn't imagine a better gift to go under our tree–or for our birthday, or just before we hit the beach or the lake this summer. We like cruisin' in style, and this indeed is about as stylish as it gets.