And the top-searched Christmas recipe is…
Christmas sugar cookies being iced, overhead view
Credit: Getty Images / Ryan Benyi Photography

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means Christmas parties, holiday pageants, school recitals, and the annual cookie swap—all festivities that may require a bit of baking. If you've exhausted the options in your family's recipe box, you may be running to the computer (or phone or tablet) for inspiration. You're not alone. People across the South turn to their favorite kitchen tool—Google—in search of new and creative Christmas recipes each year.

Christmas Cookies Are The Most-Searched—Again

Just like last year, Christmas cookies are dominating the Google search. Unlike last year, which had traditional gingerbread and sugar cookies at the top of the list, this year's queries are a little more eclectic.

A closer look at the Google Christmas cookie map (if only all navigation were so tasty!) reveals the sugar-filled variety of cookie interests. Searches range from gluten-free cookies to inventive cookie-inspired bakes, like cookie cake and cookie fudge recipes. Here are the most-searched Christmas cookie variations in the South:

  • Christmas cookie ice cream
  • Christmas cookie cake
  • Christmas cookie fudge
  • Christmas cookie dip
  • Ooey-gooey Christmas cookies
  • Christmas sugar cookies
  • Hershey Kiss Christmas cookies

Who's searching for those ooey-gooey Christmas cookies, you ask? Out of all 50 states, it's Virginia that stands alone with the highest interest score of 100. Floridians love their Hershey Kiss cookies, and those from Missouri are looking for a way to get their cookie fix on the appetizer table through the wonders of cookie dip, it seems.

Pie Also Tops Google Searches for 2021

Though cookies clearly dominate Christmas searches, pies still stand their ground. Rising among the pie searches in recent weeks are beloved Southern desserts like grasshopper pie and chocolate pecan pie. While Southerners in every city love a slice, cities like Hendersonville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Savannah, and Little Rock have the most avid pie searchers this year.

Hot Toddies Are Trending

Right up there with the good old-fashioned hot chocolate, eggnog, and mulled wine you'll find at raucous family get-togethers (Clark Griswold-style, of course) is the hot toddy. The four beverages are the highest searched in the past week, with searches for "hottie tottie tea," "caramel apple hot toddy," and "classic hot toddy recipe" rising among the queries for those on the hunt for a hot toddy.

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