Yes, seconds—master this method so you can save time this holiday season.

Red and White Wrapped Presents
Credit: Muriel de Seze/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

If you've ever spent hours trying to wrap a never-ending pile of presents, you'll probably agree that at first it seems fun—but then, when you get the tenth one, you're wishing for a robotic wrapping machine (especially if you're presenting one of those large, hard-to-wrap gifts). Well, lucky for you this holiday season, there's a newly revealed method that might be the easiest and quickest way to wrap gifts.

Japanese department stores are known for their neat, beautiful gift wrap presentation, and even though it looks intricate and a little too perfect to be true, it's actually very easy to recreate at home (and takes less than 30 seconds). YouTube user BeatTheBush explains exactly how to achieve the perfect gift wrap technique at home.

First, he recommends cutting a sheet of paper that is big enough to wrap around the whole gift. Instead of wrapping the gift vertically or horizontally, you'll want to place it on the paper on a diagonal. Fold at the corners and along the edge of the object, and use three strips of tape to secure.

We have to agree, it looks easy to achieve and will save you plenty of precious hours during an already chaotic season. Say goodbye to gift wrap fatigue—and maybe it will even inspire you to add some pretty embellishments to that present you spent almost no time wrapping. Or you can use the extra minutes (or hours) to complete more errands on your mile-long to-do list... or just kick up your feet and relax.

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions below.