Finding the perfect gift is the hard part. We're here to make the wrapping easy.

After long weeks and maybe even months of searching, you've finally found the perfect present. It's unique, it's personal, and it's tailored to the recipient's taste. Maybe you've found the coziest pair of slippers for Dad, or maybe you've splurged on that stand mixer Mama's always wanted. No matter the gift, you want your wrapping to look just as good as the excitement that awaits inside the box. We're here to help.

We're showing you the simplest way to wrap picture-perfect gifts this holiday season. All it takes is a few basic supplies and, with this quick and easy technique, you'll be wrapping like a pro in no time. With all those holiday gifts for family and friends, you'll have lots of wrapping to do, so get started early!

You can use the paper of your choice to execute this basic wrap; we recommend using a festive holiday-patterned wrapping paper. Adorning the box with an oversized bow is a great way to add an extra-glamorous touch.


  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Bow

How to Wrap a Gift

1. Roll out an ample length of wrapping paper so it's flat on the table. Place the gift box top side-down in the center of the paper.

How to Wrap a Present Step 1
Credit: Southern Living

2. Bring wrapping paper up the sides so the two sides are fully covered. Overlap the paper on the top and tape to secure.

How to Wrap a Present Step 2
Credit: Southern Living

3. Fold in the edges of the paper.

How to Wrap a Present Step 3
Credit: Southern Living

4. Crease sharply to form triangles. Secure with tape. Repeat on other side.

How to Wrap a Present Step 4
Credit: Southern Living

5. Add a bow.

How to Wrap a Present Step 5
Credit: Southern Living

This basic technique works for square or rectangular gift boxes of any size. Wrapping an uniquely-shaped gift? Don't worry: we have you covered. Check out these tutorials for how to wrap an irregular gift or how to wrap a wine bottle.