Make Mama proud!

Writing Christmas Cards
Credit: Jessica Ruscello/Getty Images

You send them out every year, but do you send your holiday cards out right?

We know, we know, it's the thought that counts, but Mama always taught us to make the right impression—especially when it comes to correspondence by mail.

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In case you need a refresher, or never knew proper holiday card etiquette in the first place, here's everything you need to know before you drop that sweet family photo in the mail this holiday season:

1. Help out your neighborhood mail carrier, and write the address in capital letters.

According to the USPS, addresses should always be printed in all capital letters. This makes your handwriting easier for mail carriers to read, thereby increasing the chances your cards end up in the right hands.

2. Get the titles right.

This one is tricky, which is why we recommend keeping our dear friend Emily Post close by while you fill out your cards.

For the guys, you can never go wrong with "Mr.," but the ladies are a bit more difficult. Traditionally, "Miss" should be used for unmarried women or young girls under the age of 18. "Mrs. is always the appropriate title for a married woman," while "Ms." can be used for any woman, regardless of her marital status. (When in doubt, use "Ms.") For the ins and outs of addressing couples, visit Emily Post's Guide to Addressing Correspondence.

3. Ace the grammar.

It's always "Happy New Year" and "Season's Greetings." It's never "Happy New Years," "Happy New Year's," and certainly not "Seasons Greetings."

Now go forth and spread that holiday cheer!