This holiday gift is pretty, practical, and personalized.
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personalized cake carrier
Credit: Savoring Surprises

Southerners don't need an excuse to monogram—we'll put our initials on just about anything, including kitchen items. And while you can add a personal touch to dish towels, spoons, cutting boards, serving platters, and all sorts of cooking tools, there is one kitchen item that's actually even more useful when it is monogrammed: the cake carrier.

Texas-based Etsy shop Savoring Surprises has combined two of our favorite things—layer cakes and monogramming—into one product, a personalized cake carrier that's as cute as it is useful.

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If you have ever brought a layer cake to a potluck, bake sale, block party, baby shower, or any other gathering, you know that it can be precarious to transport without a proper cake carrier. And at the end of the party, you've also probably found yourself in the kitchen, staring at a countertop full of identical plastic cake carriers, trying to figure out which one is yours. Or maybe you were smart and stuck an address label or wrote your name under the lid. Or maybe a very thoughtful person gave you a personalized cake carrier.

Savoring Surprises' cake carrier, which is made of heavy-duty plastic and large enough to hold a three-layer cake, can be personalized with an initial and last name in two colors, or monogrammed with three initials. Custom orders are also available if you're looking for something a little different. Not only will the recipient be able to easily pick their cake carrier out of a crowded lineup, the whimsical design adds a little bit of charm to an otherwise plain and functional kitchen item. And when priced at $28 (or $23 for the monogrammed version), we think it's a bargain too.