Little ELF
Credit: Amazon

This Gift-Wrapping Tool Will Make You Santa's Favorite Helper 

Now if only we could find some actual elves to help us with the gift ideas.
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It's Christmas Eve, and you've forgotten to wrap a few presents. You quietly sneak upstairs to grab the roll of wrapping paper, scissors, and tape that your mom left in the guest bedroom – the not-so-official present wrapping headquarters – before you have to head out the door for the evening church service and subsequent feast. You hide in your bedroom, unroll the wrapping paper on your desk, and begin cutting the paper at the correct length.

Suddenly: "Crash-Boom-Bang!" The entire wrapping paper roll has done a 360-flip off your desk and into your trash can, making a noise louder than the clatter that will arise from your roof later that night. Now you're forced to play off the noise like you're a klutz and somehow ran into the trashcan yourself. Plus, you must quietly and carefully roll up the entire wrapping paper roll without ripping it.

Consider yourself lucky if you've never experienced the sheer panic that this scene causes. Trust me, I've been there. Thankfully, there's now a nifty tool that prevents chaos from ensuing if you find yourself wrapping presents at the very last minute.

Little ELF
Credit: Amazon

BUY IT: $14.99 2-pack;

The Original Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter is here to make everyone's Christmas wrapping lives easier. Featured on Shark Tank, the Little ELF is an all-in-one cylindrical tool that slides onto your wrapping paper tube to keep it rightly rolled together and cuts in a straight line every time. No more shame necessary when handing grandma her questionably wrapped present every year.

To use the Little ELF, slide it onto the wrapping paper tube, and pull the loose end of the paper through the opening in the tube. Once you've measured your paper to the length you need it, slide the Little ELF down the tube so that the paper slips into the blade slot. Then push the Little ELF away from you and watch as you cut a pristine rectangle of wrapping paper.

The Little ELF can even be used to cut perpendicular to your wrapping paper tube. Line it up at the correct width, insert the paper into the blade slot, and push the Little ELF toward the wrapping paper tube.

When it's time to pack up your wrapping paper supplies for the season, you can even leave the Little ELF on the tube, so you'll never misplace it, and it will keep your paper tightly rolled. We're not sure why it took someone so long to think of a tool like this, but now we're certain that all we want for Christmas is a Little ELF to help us wrap our presents.