With layers of brown sugar, sprinkles and chocolate chips, what's not to love?
How To Whip Together Cookie Mix In A Jar
Credit: Jamie Grill Getty Images

Who made the mix in the cookie jar? Who, me? Yes, you!

We've already professed our love for Mason jar crafts, but this one is the sweetest yet. Cookie mix in a jar allows you to share your favorite recipes and craft at the same time. Any dry cookie mix will do, think peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, funfetti sugar cookies, or kitchen sink cookies. The trick is to leave the wet ingredients – like the eggs, butter, and milk – out of the jar, so the gift recipient can add these later when they're ready to bake. Help the layers pop by using contrasting ingredients. Start with flour, then brown sugar, then white sugar, and add smaller ingredients (like sprinkles and chocolate chips) at the top.  Pair each jar with a handwritten note, family recipes, or baking tips and suggestions. After the mix is used, the cleaned jar can store freshly baked cookies or the crafting process can start all over again with a new batch of cookie mix.

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To assemble, simply layer the shelf-stable ingredients from your favorite cookie recipe in a quart-sized Mason jar. Use a spoon to carefully portion the ingredients and to help keep each layer neat and clean. Pop on the top, wrap with a ribbon or kitchen twine, and attach a small card printed with the remaining instructions (oven temperature, how much butter or eggs to add, how to shape, and baking time) to make the cookies in a jar.

Sealed cookie mix in a jar should last for several months, so long as the ingredients were fresh when it was first assembled. Share these with friends and family or make several jars of your family's favorite cookies and keep in your pantry so a batch is ready to go whenever the craving hits.