There's a reason why three generations of women in my family use this classic product.
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There's a reason why three generations of women in my family use this classic product
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There's only one product I trust for taking care of my face's sensitive skin: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. Though I use this tried-and-true lotion year-round, I especially depend on it during the winter, when cold weather takes a toll on delicate skin.

I'm a minimalist when it comes to skin care and follow a very simple regimen. Because my sensitive complexion is prone to breakouts and allergic reactions (I have to steer clear of cleansers and creams containing benzoyl peroxide), I don't like to experiment with new beauty buys. My small arsenal of gentle, dermatologist-approved drugstore products works just as well.

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pThere's a reason why three generations of women in my family trust this classic product/p
| Credit: Courtesy of Clinique

Courtesy of Clinique

Three generations of women in my family use Clinique's signature yellow face lotion. When I was a kid, my mom and grandmother would bring me along to the makeup counter at the department store to buy refills of their beloved moisturizer. They would (conveniently) shop when the Clinique Bonus was being offered and always gave me the colorful makeup bags for holding scrunchies and butterfly clips.

Come middle school, when stricter skin-care regimens went into order, I didn't object when my mom handed me my own bottle of Clinique lotion. I haven't even considered trying another moisturizer since. Now, when I visit the department store for a refill around Clinique Bonus time, I keep the contents of the special gift for myself (and use the vibrant bags to hold my makeup).

After washing my face in the morning and night, I apply one to two pumps (depending on how dry my skin is) of lotion on my face, and I have soft, hydrated skin around the clock. While the formula is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, it's powerful enough to beat dryness from cold winds during the winter and heal sunburns during the summer.

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At $27, Clinique's yellow lotion is a bit pricey, so I add it to my Christmas list each year. Surprise your beauty-obsessed family members with it as a stocking stuffer.