'Tis the season for making memories.

The Christmas season always make us nostalgic for holidays past. It also makes us want to spend more time with the people we love most. For moms across the South, this means planning some quality time with their daughters. Mothers and daughters share a special bond, and to celebrate that bond, we've put together a list of ideas for activities and experiences to inspire your time together this holiday season. It's no surprise that plenty of these ideas involve time spent bonding, laughing, and learning from each other in the kitchen. Whether you want to whip up a classic recipe together, take a day trip, or decorate the house for the holidays, we have a few ideas to inspire you. Moms, call up your daughters today, and start making plans. Spending time together this year, including the inevitable outcomes of making new memories and sharing family stories, will ensure that you both make the most of the Christmas season.

Make a Nostalgic Recipe Together

Break out the recipe box and make a recipe with your daughter. Bonus points if it's one that your mother shared with you. Try one of our favorite Christmas pies or make one of the beautiful white cakes that has graced the cover of Southern Living.

Take a Winter Day Trip Together

It doesn't have to be far. Plan a trip with your daughter, just the two of you, to a nearby town for lunch, shopping, or a movie. A day trip during the holiday season is a perfect activity—and a great time to finish up the Christmas shopping.

Make a Snowman Together

If your Southern home is graced with a sprinkling of snow, get out and make a snowman together, however small it might be. Bundling up and spending some time outside in the brisk winter air is good for the soul.

Take a Drive To Look at Holiday Lights Together

When the sun goes down, the Christmas lights go up. Jump in the car with your daughter and drive around your town looking for your neighbors' best holiday lights displays.

Look Through Old Photo Albums Together

Break out the photo albums and flip through them with your daughter. You never know what funny family stories will arise out of an afternoon of reminiscing and sharing memories.

Learn a New Skill Together (Or Teach Her One of Yours)

Whether you're baking a cake, doing a craft, or starting a cross-stitched sampler, you likely have a skill you'd like to learn. Get together this season and try something new. Or plan some time to teach your daughter the thing she's always saying she wants to learn from you—cheese-straw-making, anyone?

Trim the Tree Together

The house has to be decorated for the holidays, and it's so much more fun when you do it together. Unwrap the ornaments, hang the garlands, and trim the tree together with a background soundtrack of nostalgic Christmas tunes.

Volunteer Together

Giving back is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon of the holiday season. Find a volunteering opportunity in your community and dedicate your time and talents alongside your daughter. It will bring you closer while allowing you to invest in your community and support those in need.

Bake Cookies Together

There is no better season for baking cookies than Christmas. Try some of our favorite cookie recipes this year, or break out your cookbooks and find your most-loved classic recipes for an afternoon spent creating delicious smells and sweet treats alongside your daughter.