These mischievous elves can get in to some Southern trouble at Christmas.

Elf on the Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of The Elf On The Shelf

Based on the ever-popular book by Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell, the Elf on the Shelf is a fun new Christmas tradition for many families. Each ‘adopted' elf reports back to Santa on how the family is doing – and causes mischief around the house during the holiday season. This year, we've put together a list of nine ideas for your elf on the shelf—with a Southern twist.

1. Hey, Y'all!
What elf doesn't love a good shaving cream prank? Using shaving cream, write "hey, y'all!" on your kitchen (or bathroom) floor. Prop up your elf next to the can with some shaving cream on his face.

2. What's for Breakfast?
Your kids get a kick out of this, and biscuits are always a hit. Roll out some dough on a floured surface and pre-cut a few circles. Prop up your elf on top of the biscuit cutter with some flour on his face to appear as though he's cutting the dough. If you've got a second elf, have him/her doing a flour "snow angel" next to the biscuits.

3. Sunshine State
We may joke about winters in the South, but it's much warmer down here than it is in the North Pole. Set up a little beach scene inside your home with brown sugar sand, a doll-sized chair and sunglasses, and a small strip of fabric for a towel. For an extra treat, include a "Welcome to (insert your state)" sign on a piece of paper taped to a toothpick.

4. Game Day
We can confirm that Santa also follows college football. To celebrate the season, prop up your elf on the couch in a game-day jersey (try printing your team's logo and taping it to a doll-sized shirt) with a bowl of popcorn, a football, and a foam finger.

5. The Sweetest Tea
Does your elf like to cook? Whip up a batch of Southern Sweet Tea in a pitcher and ‘spill' some sugar on the counter. Using your finger, write "whoops!" in the sugar. If your elf is bendable, wrap him around a wooden spoon and place the spoon in the tea to make it look like he's stirring.

6. Country Strong
I'd be remiss if I didn't include a classic Nashville twist on our dear elves. Whether you're a country music fan or just like to stomp around a country line dance, suit up your elf in some fancy cowboy boots, a tiny cowboy hat, and a doll-sized guitar. If you don't happen to have these items lying around the house, try using colored construction paper to cut out the shapes. Scatter some old CDs on the ground, prop your elf up behind a guitar (either miniature or human-sized) and have a rockin' good time.

7. Let It Snow
Although we're hoping for the dusting of a White Christmas, it may or may not be a reality here in the Deep South. To counteract the Green Christmas blues, shred a roll of toilet paper or rip up a box of tissues. Place the pieces on the ground to bring the ‘snow' inside. Stack three marshmallows together with a toothpick and have your elf sitting in the ‘snow' decorating this miniature snowman. Keep your elf warm with a scarf made from an old strip of fabric.

8. Ride ‘Em Cowboy
If you've got kids, you've more than likely the proud owner of a horse figurine—be it a plastic horse for Barbie, a stuffed horse, a cowboy's horse, or maybe even Bullseye from Toy Story. Give your elf a vest and saddle him up on the horse. Maybe he'll charge into some freshly baked treats, perform a circus act, or leave some secret messages on the ground. For a laugh, scatter some mini chocolate chips behind your pony.

9. Eat Mor Cookiez
Here's a cute one for all you Chick-fil-A lovers—make your elf a sandwich-board sign out of two index cards and some string. Write "Eat Mor Cookiez" on his sign in shaky black letters, and surround your elf with some holiday treats. If you've got a stuffed Chick-fil-A cow, prop him up next to your elf.

What's been your best Elf on the Shelf idea?