Dogs and humans alike are drooling over these coordinating pajama sets
Puppy opening Christmas Present
Credit: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy

At long last! Dog lovers will be thrilled to learn that someone finally came up with matching pajama sets for people and their pooches. Seriously.

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By popular demand, Fabdog has released a line of "pup and person" coordinating pajama sets. These warm, comfy, and impossibly-cute creations are every crazy dog parent's shameless dream come true. Available in four styles—green plaid, red plaid, gray thermal and red thermal—and an assortment of human and canine sizes, these Instagram-worthy ensembles retail for $50 each. We'll take one of each please!

Matching Pajamas for Puppy and Person
Credit: Fabdog
Fabdog matching pajamas in red
Credit: Fabdog

Sets are available for pre-order now. Shop now at