Vintage Christmas Decorations From Mama's House That Deserve A Comeback

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Shiny Brite Ornaments
West Elm

No matter how many new holiday decorations grace the aisles of HomeGoods each year, we're always just wishing for an old-fashioned Christmas. Some things, like Nana's homemade quilted tree skirt, can't be replaced. Luckily, the cheer doesn't stop there, though. There is plenty more nostalgic holiday decorations that can—and should—be brought back faster than you can say "jingle bells."

From ceramic countertop trees to vintage holiday villages, these Christmas decorations bring us right back to Mama's house. Norman Rockwell himself would get misty-eyed. Read on for the vintage Christmas décor items that we'll never let go out of style. Plus, where to find them if you need to stock up.

Best Choice Products 15in Pre-lit Hand-Painted Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Ceramic Light-Up Trees

These ceramic trees are coming back with a cheery vengeance. Perfectly sized for a tabletop, these light-up trees give a festive touch to any room.

Shiny-Brite Ornaments (Set of 9)

Shiny Brite Ornaments
West Elm

These vintage Christmas ornaments are made of brightly colored glass, and they were right at home on the Christmas tree alongside bubble lights and glass icicles. You can still find these in many shops alongside more modern ornaments.

West Elm Decorative Bottlebrush Tree Objects (Set of 12)

Vintage Christmas Decorations
West Elm

Let's be honest. We never really stopped loving these adorably mini trees that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They make quite the addition to any Christmas village display.

Northlight Multi-Color Retro Bubble Light Replacement Christmas Bulbs

Christmas Bubble Lights

Back in the day, kids couldn't get enough of these bubbling lights that adorned the Christmas tree. Believe it or not, the space age-esque bulbs were patented in the 1930s. Mainly popular from the 1940s through the 1970s, bubble lights eventually took a backseat to miniature "fairy" lights.

The Holiday Aisle Richard Glaesser 3 Tiers Nativity Scene Pyramid

Traditional Christmas Pyramid

Rooted in German tradition, a Christmas pyramid is made up of an outer frame lined with candle holders, a central carousel section, and a rotor at the top. When the candles are lit, the warm air propels the rotor around and starts the carousel, which typically features traditional nativity scenes.

Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Egg Ornaments, 9 Pieces

Egg Ornaments

To no surprise, people wished to replicate the stunning Fabergé eggs created in Russia back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The colorful ornaments were customarily made of light paper-mache and decorated with pretty designs.

Byers' Choice Family with Cardinals Boy Caroler Figurine

Family with Cardinals Boy Caroler Figurine


Beginning in the 1960s, designer Joyce Byers hand-crafted these caroling dolls first for her mantle, then as gifts for friends and family—until they became a national phenomenon for every shopper during the holiday season. Just looking at those bellowing faces makes us want to sing "Silent Night."

Senjie Artificial Mini Flocked Christmas Tree

Artificial Mini Flocked Christmas Tree


In the South, the only way you'd typically get a white Christmas was by spraying down your Christmas tree with a delightful mix of adhesive and cellulose fibers. Popular at the same time as aluminum trees, one could get the not-so-natural snowy look by using Sno-Flok home kits. Today, it's much easier to just purchase a lookalike.

RetrospectMCM Vintage Mid Century Wax Gurley Candles

Gurley Christmas Candle

These were always too cute to actually light up on a dark winter's night. Seeing Santa's hat or Rudolph's antler ablaze might have scarred our young selves anyway.

Holly Jolly Rock Santa Singing Hip-Swingin' Santa Cowboy

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Singing along to Alan Jackson's rendition of "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas," this vintage Santa blew up in the 90s, especially in the South. Be careful: The tune can get stuck in your head.

Muaro Matryoshka Wood Russian Nesting Dolls

Vintage Christmas Decorations

The cheery Christmas version of Russian nesting dolls works simultaneously as a home decoration and fun toy for the kids.

RedstarOnlineGifts Pack of 12 Icicles for Christmas Tree

Tree Icicles

These classic tree accessories will never melt away. Akin to the flocked tree trend, glass icicle ornaments helped create a winter wonderland, right in your home.

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