6 New and Festive Ways With Poinsettias

Cut Poinsettia Arrangement
Photo: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

You see poinsettias everywhere during the holidays, but few people take them beyond the shiny red foil or tossing them in a pot. Dress up your poinsettias this Christmas with these easy arrangements. People will be so impressed and you will be the only one who knows how easy it was. Some tips to keep in mind: Place potted plants in a cool room with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight; be sure to keep the soil moist but well drained. If you're cutting stems, sear the open cut with a candle flame to stop the flow of the milky sap, which will keep them fresh longer.

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Dressy & Dramatic

Red Poinsettia Arrangement with Rose and Tullips
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Place dampened florist foam in a shallow bowl. Clip a few "Ice Punch" and "Winter Rose Dark Red" poinsettia stems, and sear the ends to lengthen their life spans. Insert stems into foam, and fill empty spots with red roses, holly berries, and naked seeded eucalyptus. Add red tulips and jasmine, letting them spill over one side of bowl; place a pomegranate on the other side.

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Twice with White

White Poinsettia Potted Arrangement
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Old meets new in this monochromatic setup that marries the classic white poinsettia with a recent selection—"Princettia Max White." To re-create this look, place both poinsettia plants side by side in a larger container with good drainage holes. Fill in any empty spaces with dainty greenery such as jasmine and frosty fern (also called spikemoss). Bonus: This pretty potted arrangement will last all season long.

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Floating Florals

Floating Poinsettia Blooms in Bowl
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Start by choosing a shallow container that will show off the colorful blooms, and fill it with fresh water. Clip a few flowers off different poinsettia plants, and trim and sear their stems. Include sprigs of greenery (which you can steal from your Christmas tree) to add rustic detail. This display looks especially stunning from above, so we suggest setting it out on a coffee table.

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Bright New Hues

Gold Poinsettia Flower Arrangement
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Don't shy away from the different colors available. "Red is classic," explains Senior Photo Stylist Buffy Hargett Miller, "but other hues can help carry your floral display beyond just Christmas." Choose "Gold Rush," which is a beautiful deep shade of mustard. Dress it up in a seasonal arrangement with classic embellishments like holly and pine. Couple it with a potted "Winter Rose White" poinsettia for a match made in heaven.

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Personal Touch

Personal Poinsettia Party Favor
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

"I love the smaller selections," Buffy says. "Instead of buying one big plant, I suggest getting several tiny ones. You can do much more with them that way." Here, she used mini potted poinsettias as stand-in place cards for a holiday affair. Simply tie on each name card with pretty ribbon, and let the guests leave with an extra-festive favor. You can find smaller poinsettias where you would buy their full-size counterparts. Group several miniature poinsettias together to double as decor, or give them away to visiting guests as party favors.

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Spruced Up Stems

Cut Poinsettia Arrangement
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

When potted poinsettia plants start looking a little "leggy" after a few weeks, don't just toss them out. Instead, snip off a few longer clippings of your favorite selections to create a cut arrangement. Before inserting them into the vase, trim the leaves off from the lower part of the stems and sear the cut ends with a flame to preserve them. Then place the blooms in a vase filled with fresh water, and polish off the look with simple holiday greenery.

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