Store your holiday decorations like the pros. 
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Decking the halls should be all fun—but finding a mess of tangled lights, chipped ornaments, and unraveled wrapping paper in the attic quickly turns holiday excitement into a headache. Luckily, the Nashville-based team of organizing extraordinaires behind The Home Edit are here to help. (You've probably swooned over their impeccably tidy and color-coordinated spaces on Instagram.) Project Manager Courtney Cohen shares her top decor organization tips and products for keeping ornaments, lights, and gift wrapping materials in order all year long.

SL: What are The Home Edit's go-to products for organizing holiday decor?

Courtney Cohen: "When it comes to seasonal decor items, we look for products that protect from dust and damage and are space-efficient for long-term storage. It also helps when the products make packing and unpacking items a simpler process."

For lights: "Wrap Christmas lights on a spool within a storage bin to avoid a tangled mess or broken bulbs," Cohen says. She recommends the Bayco Cord Storage Reel and Christmas Light Storage Box.

For ornaments: "Choose an enclosed storage bin with individual dividers to avoid dust or damage. For extra protection, wrap the items separately in bubble wrap or packing paper before storing," Cohen says. Her picks: the Iris Holiday Wing-Lid Box with Ornament Dividers and the Primode Holiday Ornament Storage Box.

For gift wrap: "Creating a station with over-the-door storage helps to maximize space and keep rolls of gift wrap protected and organized. We love using Elfa systems because you can customize it to your exact needs, including a place to store ribbons, bows, and gift cards," she says. She suggests the White Elfa Utility Mesh Gift Packaging Door & Wall Rack.

"If you'd rather utilize floor space, store the rolls in a transparent long storage bin and slide under a bed or any space that is easy to access when necessary," she says. Cohen recommends the Iris Clear Gift Wrap Box.

"Turn an acrylic riser upside down and you have the perfect solution for storing multiple rolls of gift wrap on a shelf," adds Cohen. Her pick: Acrylic Risers.

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SL: How can the packing (and unpacking) process for holiday decor be less stressful? What can be done on the front end to help make the post-holiday cleanup less of a mess?

CC: "Snap a few photos of your decor before you start packing it up. It's an easy way to keep an inventory of what you have and what you need for next year while doing the absolute bare minimum (aka living the Low Bar Lifestyle).

If you don't edit your decor as you're storing it away, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Keep a trash bag nearby and take stock of any items that can be tossed, such as burnt out lights, chipped ornaments, and the tired-looking Santa that is begging for retirement. When you store an item that should be purged, it's not only taking up space, it also becomes one more thing you have to unpack. Group items into categories and store them properly (aka not thrown in haphazardly) in labeled bins. It simplifies the process when you know exactly what needs to be unpacked and where to unpack it."