She even puts it in a totally surprising — but genius — place.

From her gorgeous Thanksgiving table setting to so many stunning rooms in her new design book, Homebody, Joanna Gaines sure knows how to make decor delight (and surprise).

Now, the Waco Wonder Woman has impressed us once again, this time with a new blog post on how to decorate with garland. In her latest tutorial, Gaines first explains why she so loves these decorative wreaths. "It's almost that time again to bring the boxes down from the attic, unwrap the ornaments, dress the tree and hang the garlands. Garland is one of those holiday decorations that is timeless and beautiful wherever it's placed," she writes, later noting the Gaines family "[loves] it hanging on the tree or displayed on a mantel. It also makes for a fun addition to a kid's bedroom."

Here are three of our favorite tips for using garland, Gaines-style.

1. Add some to the chandelier.

"An unexpected place to add garland is around the rim of a chandelier. It brings added color and movement to the tablescape, while also adding a layer of height," shares Gaines. You'll want to use floral wire to ensure the garland stays in place, and Gaines recommends going for faux garland here to avoid debris falling on your table.

2. Jazz up your staircase with it.

During the most wonderful time of the year, stairwells sure look more wonderful decked out with a bit of holiday spirit, right? "Garland is a great way to spruce up your staircase banister for the holidays," says Gaines. Again, opt for fake greenery here, which you can enhance with the addition of ribbons, berry stems, dried natural wheat stalks, and other decorative tidbits. (If you're looking for some more fabulous foyer ideas, we've got you covered here.)

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3. Make a DIY masterpiece.

Channel your inner JoJo and whip up a colorful dried citrus garland with the addition of crisped-up blood oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, displayed alongside twine and velvet ribbon.The garland comes together in a few simple steps — kids will also love the activity of designing their own — and adds a festive spark of color wherever you put it. Get the full directions in Joanna's blog post here.

Considering Gaines thinks Halloween isn't too early for Christmas music, we're guessing that means garland displays are in full swing in her Texas home. Which means it's totally not too soon for us to adorn our own digs with these wintry wreaths, right?