Get ready to supersize your Christmas spirit.

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Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments
Credit: Grandin Road

While we throw out the phrase "go big or go home" for a lot of moments in life, we're really not throwing it around when it comes to Christmas decorating. Everyone and their mama knows that as soon as Thanksgiving is over – or maybe even before – Christmas decorating begins. A beautiful light display is just the way to welcome in the holiday spirit, but why not take it up an ante with a Christmas trend that's supersizing the spirit?

That's why we're decorating with giant, festive Christmas ornaments in our yards this year. Far larger than the beloved vintage ornaments hanging in your tree, these outdoor statement-makers are here to spread Christmas magic all across your yard.

You may have been working on your indoor ornament collection for years, but it's time to take this traditional Christmas look outside. Offered in everything from classic red and green to pre-lit, sparkling designs, these giant Christmas ornaments can be arranged in all sorts of ways. Place one or two by your front door for a magical greeting or style them on your front porch. Try sprinkling a few across your front yard for a jolly display the neighbors will smile about. You can even use them to line your driveway for a grand entrance every time you drive up. Plus there's no way Santa could miss your house with such a large pre-lit landing strip!

Worried about the weather? Don't be. These shiny balls aren't as delicate as they may seem. Unlike the ornaments you use to trim your tree, these decorations are designed for the outdoors. Most are UV and moisture resistance, so they'll stay in good shape no matter how snowy or bright the season is near you.

Ready to deck out the yard? Here are a few of our favorite picks that are sure to spark the Christmas spirit.

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3D Finial Jumbo Ornament
Credit: Wayfair

3D Christmas Finial Ornament

BUY IT: $289.99; 

You're guaranteed to be the hostess with the mostest inside and outside of your home this season with these 3D Finial Ornaments displayed on your porch or in your yard.

Krebs 12 Candy Red Ornament
Credit: Amazon

Christmas by Krebs Giant Ornament

BUY IT: $34.99;

You can't go wrong with classic red ornaments paired with an over-the-top wreath and shiny reindeer displays.

Pre-Lit Giant Yard Ornament
Credit: Sam's Club

Pre-Lit Ball Display

BUY IT: $169.98;

A ground stake is included in this ornament's set-up kit, so The Grinch won't be able to steal it if he comes around to your house.

Alpine Christmas Ball Ornament with Color Changing LED Light
Credit: Amazon

Alpine Christmas Ball Ornament with Color Changing LED Light

BUY IT: $204.99;

This color-changing light display can be set on a timer so that it lights up in the evenings and automatically shuts off after six hours.

Christmas By Krebs Red Glitz Ornament

Christmas By Krebs Red Glitz Ornament

BUY IT: $19.99;

If you're looking for the middle ground between typical tree ornaments and supersized ornaments, then this shatterproof option is for you. Scatter these 12-inch ornaments throughout your yard for a festive display, or string them across your porch railing for a jolly front porch greeting.

Grandin Road Christmas Yard Ornament
Credit: Grandin Road

Red Stripe Yard Ornament

BUY IT: $389;

Adorn your yard with a jumbo hand-painted and weather resistant ornament. It's available in a black stripe or red plaid design as well.