60 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Southern Home

Pure Country Farmhouse
Photo: Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

While some spend the holidays jetting to tropical escapes far away, Southerners love nothing more than staying a little closer to home and having themselves a cozy Christmas in the country. This season, bring farmhouse charm with a touch of holiday spirit with these country Christmas decorations that add enough festive character to make an old clapboard farmhouse sing.

We have fond memories of rustic details like magnolia wreaths, ornament-adorned antlers, clove-studded oranges, and pheasant-feathered mantels—topped with layers of lush garland and holiday greenery, of course. Don't forget to adorn your outside spaces, as well. From mailbox toppers to festive entryways, we have all the tricks to welcome your guests in style.

These are just a few of the farmhouse Christmas decor ideas we love for the holiday season. Bring a little country charm to every corner of your home with these timeless Southern accents. So kick your feet up and get comfy by the fire—your farmhouse is about to get festive.

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Country Curb Appeal

Pure Country Farmhouse
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

An old, bright-white clapboard farmhouse doesn't need much to look absolutely charming. Wispy pine garland pops on the white exterior.

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Simple Entryway

The Entry
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Less is more in this eclectic farmhouse. Simple garland draped around the handrail sets the tone for a cozy Christmas.

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Dapper Deer

Dapper Deer Wreath
Photo: Hector Sanchez

When we say everything in your home deserves a little holiday cheer, we mean everything. From the wall display of silver plates to the ornament-adorned deer trophy, this farmhouse makes tradition and rustic appeal the clear centerpiece of holiday decor.

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Wild And Wispy

Pomegranate Centerpiece

ROBBIE CAPONETTO STYLING: KATHLEEN VARNER Marbled ornaments: shophammett.com

For a real Country Christmas look, embrace the wonder that is the great outdoors. This centerpiece donned with pomegranates, red berries, pinecones and more makes the space feel as if you have brought the outdoors in.

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Pops Of Christmas Color

Christmas Mantel with Red and Mangolia Accents
Laurey W. Glenn

Dress up an all-white space with an oversize magnolia garland and a row of adorable mini trees. Fresh green apples tucked into the mantel decor add pops of seasonal color.

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Classic Magnolia Wreaths

Magnolia Wreath with Plaid Bow
Photo: Robbie Caponetto

A little plaid goes a long way. Add a pop of color to a classic magnolia wreath with festive Christmas ribbon.

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Miniature Christmas Tree

Burlap Ribbon
Southern Living

An adorably miniature Christmas tree on the porch? We'll take two. Give it a rustic finish with burlap ribbon and pinecones.

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Picture-Perfect Gallery Wall

Credenza and Gallery Wall with greenery for Christmas
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

Instead of draping garland across the furniture, go high and add boughs of cedar to the tops of artwork. If you have an existing gallery wall or a collection of family photographs, you can dress up the display with boughs of cedar and bright red ribbon sashes.

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Gentlemans' Bar Cart

Holiday Details: Portable Bar
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

During the season of holiday parties, the bar cart is a bit of a hot spot. Accentuate the masculine space with a simple boxwood wreath and skinny ivory ribbon.

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Festive Touches

Holiday Details: Eclectic Collections
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Throw symmetry out the window! This deer trophy looks like it caught this string of pom-pom garland on the fly, making it all the more interesting.

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Breezy Olive Branch Garland

Mantel with Olive Branch, Bay Leaves, and Eucalyptus
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

An olive branch garland is fresh, airy, and modern. For a full wreath, wire a slightly smaller form inside the larger one. Cover with bay leaves, olive branches, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

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Naturally Foraged Tree

Natural Wonder
Hector Manuel Sanchez; styling: Taylor Colson Horton

Take a petite tree (cypress seen here) to new heights by placing the stand in a rust planter and detailing the tree with natural wonders like clove-studded oranges, dried orange rounds, pheasant feathers, pine cones, and red berries.

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Make Magnolia The Moment

James Farmer Buffalo Check Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

Magnolia leaves are a Southern favorite at Christmas, and this bundle adds a subtle touch of spirit to classic buffalo check bedding. Take a peek out the window and see an elegant magnolia wreath which creates an cohesiveness inside and out.

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Antler Accents

Hillenmeyer Living Room with Fireplace Decorated for Christmas
Photo: Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

This fireplace decor is deliberately free of any ribbons or glitz. A large pair of naturally shed elk antlers and simple Fraser fir garland frames a portrait of the owner's father, making it quite the authentic picture of Christmas at the farmhouse.

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Bright Satsumas

The Paxton Mantel in Thomasville, GA
Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

Satsumas, a regional favorite, add a surprising pop of color to any mantel display. Pheasant feathers can be found on the farm and used as holiday decor, naturally.

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Farmhouse Table Setting

Christmas Table Setting Rustic and Refined
Southern Living

Pick a unique, textured table linen, and it'll transform your holiday table. This traditional setting uses the beloved Spode 'Woodland' china pattern for a touch of country-elegance.

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Mercury Glass Display

Vintage Christmas Decorations: Mercury Glass
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Mercury glass makes for an easy show-stopper when grouped together on a sideboard. Also known as "poor man's silver," you'll have no issues building up a hefty collection.

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Lush Garland

James Farmer 's Foyer for Christmas
Laurey W. Glenn

This is the perfect example of sticking simple with natural ingredients, but going over-the-top with the arrangement. Layers upon layers of verdant greenery make a pretty statement.

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Boozy Bookcase

Bookcase with Cedar Garland
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

Turn your usual bookcase into a temporary bar cart come the holiday season—and jazz it up. A cedar garland frames this temporary party bar, and fresh accents are fastened to some of the bottles and embellished with ribbon and tiny orbs.

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Rustic Mantel

How To Decorate A Holiday Mantel
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We'd like to sit by this festive hearth all season long. Get the look by layering different types of garland and spotting the arrangement with pinecones, holiday berries, and bright green ribbon.

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Heirloom Collections

Vintage Christmas Decorations: Santa Collections
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Every Southern family has some sort of Christmas collection, be it vintage Santas or colorful nutcrackers. Instead of spreading them around the house, group them together on a table or sideboard. It makes a space feel full and your collection appear robust.

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Spruced-Up Poinsettias

Cut Poinsettia Arrangement
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

What to do when your potted poinsettia plants start looking a little droopy? Snip off a few longer clippings to create a festive cut arrangement spruced up with simple holiday greenery.

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Jolly Juniper

Banister with Juniper Garland
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

A fresh juniper garland smells heavenly and makes an elegant statement cascading down the stairway. Cluster earthy-toned ornaments in assorted shades along the garland for a charming look.

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Attention-Grabbing Archway

Christmas Exteriors Attention-Grabbing Archway
Southern Living

Talk about making an entrance. This show-stopping archway uses a few of the South's favorite Christmas components, like pinecones and magnolia leaves.

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Refined Rustic

Magnolia Wreath on Mirror with Bow
Laurey W. Glenn

Hosting Christmas brunch? Brighten up the space with cream-colored roses and wide ivory ribbon.

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Southern Accents

Paxton Entry Hall in Thomasville, GA
Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

Between the pine garland, velvet bows, pinecones, and pheasant feathers, this banister is about as Southern as it gets. Having the velvet ribbon cascade nearly to the floor helps this display feel polished rather than busy.

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Rustic Arrangements

Hillenmeyer Living Room Decorated for Christmas
Photo: Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

Wispy and colorful clippings make for a charming country arrangment. It's perfect as a coffee table centerpiece.

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Festive Farmhouse Exterior

Christmas Exteriors Festive Farmhouse
Southern Living

This home is practically dripping with Christmas charm, in the form of classic wreaths and warmed-up brown and green garland. Having a wreath on every door and window lets you know that Santa has no plans of skipping this festive home.

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Vintage Pieces

Vintage Christmas Decorations: Mix Metallics with Evergreens
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Give ordinary home items special holiday accents, like this simple clamshell filled with shiny gold and silver ornaments and a large sprig of magnolia. Adding a few mini-trees never hurt anyone either.

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Spruced-Up Lamp Post

Magnolia Lamppost
Laurey W. Glenn

Bundle up your lamp post for the winter. Two magnolia branches—one standing up and the other hanging down to reveal both the green and brown sides of the leaves—make for lush, natural decor.

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Magnolia Gift Tags

Magnolia Gift Tags
Laurey W. Glenn

Even your gifts can use a farm-chic touch. Use a silver or gold paint pen to write the gift receiver's name on a magnolia leaf and attach with double-sided tape.

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Subtle Comforts

Sara and Billy Jack Brawner's Waco, TX Home for Christmas Dining Room
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Paige Mullins

Spruce up your living space with any and all greenery for the easiest transformation ahead of the Christmas season—no bells and whistles required. We love this simple tablescape with the greenery table runner and the tapered candles for something truly simple, yet elegant.

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Wreaths Aplenty

South Carolina Colonial
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Give your facade a festive face-lift. Hang bright green wreaths from every window with red ribbon for a simple but show-stopping exterior.

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Modern Farm Bunkhouse

Sara and Billy Jack Brawner's Waco, TX Home for Christmas Kids Bunk Room
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Paige Mullins

The kiddos would have no problem bunking up in this playroom outfitted with colorful felt pom-pom garland and a mini Christmas tree. With the white shiplap in this farmhouse, all the colors of the rainbow feel festive.

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Festive Framing

Cedar Garland Over Mirror
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

An asymmetrical garland on this buffet mirror puts a modernly rustic spin on traditional decorations. Hang three ornaments on just one side with ribbon to add keen interest to the area without seeming too perfect.

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Front Porch Charm

What She Did: Front Porch
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We'd like to hang out here, please. Make your farmhouse-style shutters look cozy and festive for Christmas by hanging lush wreaths with bright red ribbon.

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Natural Color Scheme

Refined Rustic Christmas Decorations
Southern Living

When in doubt, put a bow on it! Go fully rustic with a natural holiday palette using warm colors and nubby textures and a garland-trimmed vintage wheel.

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Lush Mantel Delight

Lush Mantel Swag
Photo: Emily J. Followill

Give store-bought garland a dramatic makeover fitting for a big farm fireplace. Clipped magnolia, holly, pine, and cedar ramp up the texture, while layering in milo, millet, and rose hips makes it incredibly eye-catching.

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Tartan Touches

Tartan Ribbon
Southern Living

Embrace a traditional tree style by wrapping it like a Christmas gift in red tartan ribbon. Spray paint some magnolia leaves to add a little rustic glitz we simply love.

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Cozy Country Kitchen

Christmas Kitchens Warm Wood
Southern Living

Open shelving makes displaying Christmas china easy and spirited. Simple greenery and bright holiday arrangements add even more warmth to the cozy kitchen.

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Outdoor Charms

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Porchs and Patios
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Don't neglect outdoor patios and porches in your Christmas decorating. Wreaths, candles, and large glowing orbs draw guests outside to cozy up by the fire.

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Symmetrical Entry Way

Cheer Up Your Entry Way
Photo: Ralph Lee Anderson

Keep your décor even on both sides to create a symmetrical display that will draw eyes to your door. A little bit of color-blocking also creates a unique natural, yet curated look.

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Stockings On The Staircase

Stockings on the Staircase
Ralph Anderson

Go festive with just a touch of fairytale. Skip traditional garland and lace natural vine through the staircase's balusters.

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Dress Up The Details

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Mailbox Topper
Photo by Jim Bathie

Your neighbors will be asking your your design secrets for this super simple, yet fun outdoor decor piece. Top your mailbox with a menagerie of pinecones and holly for an all-natural, festive display (and some serious curb appeal).

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Wreaths With Wow

Christmas Wreaths up the Staircase
Laurey W. Glenn

Hang a few wreaths from your staircase to create height that draws the eye up. These wreaths are hanging by festive red and white ribbon which gives this display an extra festive look.

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Take It Outdoors

Set a Holiday Scene In Your Outdoor Room
Photo: Erica George Dines

Even if it's getting cold outside, don't skimp on the outdoor decorating details. With a mug of hot cocoa and a cozy fire, this will be your favorite spot to bask in the Christmas spirit.

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Welcoming Trees

Magnolia Leaves and Mini Trees for Christmas
Laurey W. Glenn

Spruce up the entryway with mini trees so you can capture Christmas spirit in every corner of your space. We love these mini trees are placed in rustic buckets and layed with magnolia leaves for a truly Southern display.

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Everyday Arrangements

Cristina Lynch of Mi Golondrina Holiday Party Buffet with Food
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Paige Morse

Make any big Christmas arrangement feel cozy and warm by throwing flowers and greenery into an everyday vessel like a colorful pitcher or jug. Use a family heirloom, pick one up from your local antique store or buy something new, everyone will think it's timeless regardless of its story.

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The Ultimate Playhouse

Sara and Billy Jack Brawner's Waco, TX Home Kids Playhouse
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Paige Mullins

This year, have Christmas come early for the kiddos. Farmhouse vibes can go beyond the home with an outdoor fort ready to take on the holiday season with natural greenery.

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Homespun Stockings

Burlap Christmas Stockings
Southern Living

For the most authentic country accent, try your hand at homespun burlap stockings made from inexpensive (or re-used!) burlap fabric and humble twine. Add a monogram or fun letter accent to make it feel all the more personal.

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Festive Welcome

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Scottish Entry
Photo by Beth Dreiling Hontzas

Scottish tartan, pheasant feathers, and golden bells? This farmhouse front door takes things to next-level festivity.

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Monotone Wrapping

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Burlap Gifts
Photo by Monica Buck

Don't settle for mismatched wrapping. Repurpose those burlap bags and wrap your gifts up in rustic style this Christmas.

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By Candlelight

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Lanterns
Photo by Jim Bathie

Oversized lanterns are the perfect rustic touch for your outdoor farmhouse landscape. Simply rest these lanterns beside your door or along the stairs for a softly lit walkway.

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Old And New

Blue Christmas Christmas Tree Decorations
Laurey W. Glenn

Mix in lots of vintage ornaments on your Christmas tree display for a well-curated, balanced look. Touches of mercury and jewel tones make this tree feel retro without being outdated.

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Bucket Of Cheer

Natasha Lawler Homemade Ice Bucket
Hector Manuel Sanchez

All the partygoers will be impressed by this festive ice bucket, complete with frozen seasonal berries, leaves, and fruits. It's the perfect way to chill a bottle of champagne and toast to the season.

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Maximize Every Inch

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Pendant Lights
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

When it comes to Christmas décor, it's all in the details. That's why we're wrapping our pendant lights in festive pine for a natural look—for more shine, feel free to use tinsel.

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Keep It Colorful

Lemon and Citrus Christmas Tree
Hector Manuel Sanchez

While we love red and green seasonally-hued Christmas trees, how festive is this bright, sunny tree? Pops of blue and red connect this color scheme to primary colors which makes these simple colors feel grown up.

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Gleeful Gallery

Natasha Lawler Butlers Pantry Christmas Garland
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Use those glass-paned cabinets to display cherished family photos or collected holiday cards. With a thick black ribbon, the display looks instantly elegant.

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Metallic Touches

Rustic Silver Christmas Mantel
Laurey W. Glenn

Slightly more dressed-up, this farmhouse hearth is accented with oversized metallic pinecones and fun pops of red. The logs in the fireplace really take this level of elevated farmhouse chic home.

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Chestnuts Roasting

Person stands on Whisky Creek trail


Love cuddling up by an open flame? With this display, you can look fondly at those you adore while enjoying your favorite winter activity. Hang your Christmas cards on a ribbon with miniature clothespins and layer with a thin garland of greenery and fairy lights.

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