Would you ever guess that this photo was taken in August? Greenery from The Magnolia Company

It's Christmas nearly 365 days a year around here. Under these working circumstances, it's perfectly normal for us to be ordering Christmas trees in July, having our stylists whip up yards of garland in, oh-say March. Decorating an entire house for Christmas in the midst of the August heat in Montgomery, AL? No big deal for us because we have the most amazing vendors for Christmas trees and greenery who think nothing of overnighting us boxes of the most out-of-season, fresh evergreens imaginable. It's not too late for you to order them for this holiday season!

Tree and wreath from Green Valley Christmas Tree
Fraser Fir from Green Valley Christmas Tree

For Christmas trees, check out Green Valley Christmas Trees. They offer an unparalleled selection of Fraser Firs (known for being particularly fragrant) and Noble Firs (both layered and full branch styles). All trees are cut within 24-hours of shipping to guarantee staying power throughout the holidays.

Original Magnolia Collection Wreath from The Magnolia Company

For anything magnolia, go to Florida-based Magnolia Company. They offer Classic magnolia wreaths and garlands, as well as mixed greenery wreaths and garlands even a lacquered magnolia wreath. Best of all? With proper care, a magnolia wreath can be used for several years.

Editor's tip: Never arrange for greenery to be delivered on a Monday. It will spoil in a mail carrier's package hub over the weekend.