22 Ideas for Christmas Tree Garland

Tilton Finwick Living Room for Christmas
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

When trimming the trees and decking the halls this holiday season, consider adding a little garland to your Christmas trees and mantels. This festive decorating trick can dress up any display.

Hanging a garland around your tree adds an effortless beauty and unique personality to your Christmas decor. Wrap or cascade ribbon down the branches of your tree, highlighting family ornaments and twinkling lights. From rustic burlap to shimmery pearl beads, there is a way to showcase your family's style in this traditional yuletide ornamentation. Find your new garland aesthetic, or use this list as a starting point for designing your Christmas trimmings this season.

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Cotton and Copper Mesh Ribbon

Cotton and Copper Mesh Ribbon
Hector Manuel Sanchez

This rustic tree is chockfull of natural decorations like pinecones, feathers, dried pods, silk magnolia blooms, and branches. A stunning trail of fluffy white cotton garland winds through the tree. Copper mesh ribbon brings a pop of color and lets the lights shine.

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Green Felt Ribbon

Green Felt Ribbon
Hector Manuel Sanchez

A waterfall of green felt ribbon provides a subtle counterpoint to the bold array of candy-colored ornaments dressing this tree. The natural light shining through the nearby window adds a reflective glimmer to the flowing green ribbon. The cascading garland uses a vertical arrangement to add interest and draw attention to the shimmering silver tree topper.

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Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Ribbon
Southern Living

A live Christmas tree gets a rustic finish with burlap ribbon. Simple decorations complement the natural feel of this tree. Pine cones and a string of white lights complete this classic display.

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Easy Magnolia Garland

Easy Magnolia Garland
Laurey W. Glenn

This magnolia leaf garland has a secret: It's held together with duct tape. Instead of stringing the leaves together with pretty thread, the designer knew the fastest (and sturdiest) solution was to tape the leaves together since he didn't intend to show the back of the garland. Accompanied by simple white bows, this tree has so much Southern charm.

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Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland
Emily Followill

This whimsical tree has a maximalist theme of more-is-more. A thick Christmas bulb ribbon makes a statement, while twirls of three different wire-edged garlands soften the look. Adding winterberries as a tree topper is a perfect finish.

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Pearl Garland

Pearl Garland
Laurey W. Glenn

A traditional-looking tree wraps individual branches with light stringing to illuminate the display from its interior. For an additional glow, strategically placed bistro lighting highlights the interior lighting and exterior ornaments. Subtly reflecting the light is the pearl garland providing a sophisticated sparkle.

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Plaid Ribbon

Plaid Ribbon
Helen Norman

Unexpected details like antlers and bits of greenery provide contrast to the traditional plaid and red ribbon garlands. Alternating Christmas bulb sizes create more dimension and ties in with the garland as the red and gold ornaments stand out from the rest. A natural tree topper keeps the focus on the tree's trimmings.

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Burlap Ribbon and Silver Beads

Tilton Finwick Living Room for Christmas
Laurey W. Glenn

This rustic-meets-refined combo creates quite the pair in a tree that embraces the best of both worlds. Natural elements like air plants and spruce pair wonderfully with gilded touches and sparkly ornaments. Large string lights illuminate this pairing with an effortless shimmer.

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Small Beaded Garland

Small Beaded Christmas Tree Garland
Hector Manuel Sanchez

These trees will have to weather the elements, so a beaded garland that can withstand a little rain, snow (wishful thinking), and the wind is key. Using gilded garlands adds a touch of color, but the focus remains on the beautiful red ribbon cascading from the bow on top of the tree. Evenly spaced ornaments in a subtle variety of hues complete this timeless look.

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Sparkly Ribbon

Sparkly Ribbon
Ball & Albanese

A thick, wire-edged ribbon with sequins gives this already glowing tree the right amount of sparkle. Using a coordinated color palette for the remaining ornaments adds a lovely cohesion but still allows for interest with the varying styles. Blending into its existing decor makes this tree look like it was born to live near this staircase.

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Tartan Ribbon

Tartan Ribbon
Southern Living

Traditional tartan ribbon wraps this Christmas tree like a gift. Layering the garland in horizontal stripes encourages the ornaments to drape over the ribbon and sneak out from the branches. Remember that garland is a universal Christmas decor, as a glimmery gold and natural leaf string hangs from the nearby mantel.

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Icy Blue Perfection

Christmas Decorating Ideas: White and Blue Tree
Photo by Monica Buck

Dress your dress like a winter wonderland in coordinating sets of icy blue ribbons and beads. The monochromatic decor against this white tree invites images of sitting near a cozy fireplace and watching the snow dance as it falls from the sky. Add lights and ornaments, or keep your tree on the simpler side for this design.

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Tropical Christmas Getaway

Whimsical Snow White Tree
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The coral and seafoam green color palette in this display produces a tropical vibe for this entire decorating scheme. This tree is more minimalist, using ornaments and beaded garland sparingly. Tying in this Christmas tree's trimmings with the existing decor and white and tan fixtures allows it to be festive without disrupting the home's atmosphere.

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Jewel-Toned Gem

Blue Christmas
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Jewelry store gems trim this tree. This display is glamourous, from the iridescent string of pearl wrapping the branches to the ruby and amethyst-colored Christmas bulbs. The white-gold, silver, and lighting add the perfect amount of extra glitz.

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Gold-Ribbon Winner

Cece Calhoun New Orleans Home for Christmas Tree
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Suzonne Stirling

Crown this tree the winner of Christmas decor. The gold, draping garland flows organically around the branches, weaving between the color-coordinated ornaments. This tree glows on top of the white and tan checkerboard flooring and nearby weaved wall paneling.

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Merrymaking Ribbons

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Tree Ribbons
Photo by Robbie Caponetto

Make memories with your family and create your garland strings using different colored ribbons. Tie these strings together at one end into a bow and allow the various stripes to cascade around the tree. Everyone in the family can add their personal touch to your decor by choosing a ribbon style.

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Citrus-Inspired Splendor

Natasha Lawler Charlottesville House at Christmas Lemon/Citrus Christmas Tree
Hector Manuel Sanchez

The blink-and-you-miss-it gold leaf garland adds shimmer to this display, topped with a sunny yellow bow. This citrus-inspired splendor is a unique way to get into the festive spirit, coordinating with the lemon-adorned wreaths on the surrounding windows. The gold leaves intertwined throughout the branches pop next to the strategically placed lemons and Christmas bulbs.

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Candy Cane Stripes

Red And White Candy Cane Christmas Tree
Courtesy of Two Twenty One

Dress your tree in stripes inspired by candy canes, the unofficial holiday candy. The peppermint-inspired garland mixes a striped and red mesh garland to create a sweet display. Giant Christmas bulbs and artificial winterberries complete the look.

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Go Green

Fashionable Fresh Greens
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Instead of traditional forest green, opt for a lime green ribbon to add a fashionable twist to your Christmas decor. The single-colored garland, paired with white-beaded strings, seamlessly blends with the accent chairs and rug. Using white bulbs and ornaments keeps the focus on the unique garland style.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink Christmas Tree Ribbon
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Bubblegum pink is usually not associated with Christmas, but the cascading ribbon on this tree makes it work. This tree's ornaments add pops of colors throughout the display, paired with a beaded garland. The silver tree on this table is a glitzy way to celebrate the season.

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Winter White

Winter White Christmas Tree Wrapped with Silver Ribbon

A classic rendition of Christmas tree decor is this silvery, white garland. The simple ribbon wrapped around the beautifully-lit branches adds a touch of sparkle to this simple design. Complemented by the neutral-colored bulbs and surroundings, this tree is picture-perfect.

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Oversized Elegance

Elegant Christmas Party
Laurey W. Glenn

The oversized ribbon draping this tree eliminates the need for many other ornaments. This tree, adorned with silver ornaments and sparingly placed leaf sprays, adds a sophisticated elegance to this dining room. On top of the tree, a bronze-gold star perfectly complements the copper-colored garland.

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