Untraditional Floral Centerpiece
Instread of using a potted poinsettia, try a loose arrangement of assorted greenery, like cedar and begonia leaves mixed with blusing bride and amaryllis.

The Poinsettia is a classic Christmas decoration, but it doesn't have to be the only flower you feature in your Christmas decor this year. There are plenty of other beautiful options that can help revitalize or update your holiday trimmings this year.

Christmas flowers are usually red or white, which can be limiting, but it can also spur your creativity. You could use these colors as accents in your overall color scheme. This would allow you to use other, more non-traditional, colors while also highlighting these flowers.

If you want to keep using red flowers, look for Amaryllis or Christmas Cactus, which can be red or white. Or look for the Christmas Camellia, also called Yuletide. These are easy to care for, especially the cactus, and offer a splash of color against greenery.

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Or, you could use white flowers. The Christmas rose, or Hellebore, is a lovely choice, especially because you can grow it outside, as it will bloom even in the winter. Another seasonal choice is the Paperwhite, of the Narcissus family. You can grow this inside from a bulb, and it will last through the holiday season. Primroses and Cyclamen are more white flowers that bloom in winter, but be careful - some Cyclamen plants only produce pink flowers.

Other flower ideas include the Red River Lily, or Kaffir lily, and the Daphne. Depending on your growing zone, these might be in season in your region. Make sure to check with your local florist.

Perhaps, though, you're thinking you don't want to include any flowers in your decorations this year. Look to Holly, Mistletoe, Ivy, Rosemary, or Frosty Ferns to bring a natural element to your decor.

However you choose to decorate, make sure to take care of your plants properly so they will last the entire holiday season!