Create an Evergreen Centerpiece
Bring the Christmas forest inside your house with this rustic, homey Christmas arrangement. Use a footed silver serving tray to display a sumptuous centerpiece with vintage ornaments and clippings from the garden. Start with Southern classics: boxwood, pine, and magnolia. Next add large ball ornaments, followed by crocosmia pods, pinecones, and abelia whose flowers have dropped, leaving a showy flourish of pink sepals on the tips of branches. Finish with delicate sprigs of evergreens, dried shelf mushrooms attached to florist picks. Wire a few small, round ornaments of natural colors with in metallic and glossy finishes for a subtle touch of glamour.
| Credit: Photo: Helen Norman

Perhaps this Christmas, you'll want to incorporate a more natural look into your home's decor.

Don't make the mistake of thinking your only options are evergreen branches, though those are beautiful green plants to use. There are plenty of other Christmas flowers and plants you can incorporate into your decor.

Most Christmas plants are red, white, or green, which makes for a traditional color scheme. If you want to use other colors, you could use one of these as a base color and build your decorations from there. Look into Southern Living's Christmas Decorations guide for more ideas!

Red plants include the traditional Poinsettia, the Amaryllis, the Christmas Camellia, or Yuletide, and the Christmas Cactus. Use these for bright punches of color in your home, especially if you are using a lot of greenery. These will bring a warmer and more festive air to your decor.

A white plant to use as a contrast to the red plants is the Paperwhite. From the Narcissus family, these flowers are easy to grow inside and will last through the holiday season.

Green plants tend to be the most common plants used in Christmas decorations. The evergreen family contributes deep color and a delightful scent to the home during the holiday season. Instead of only having the traditional tree and wreath, consider using greenery in new ways. Or use holly, mistletoe, ivy, or rosemary to add updated touches of greenery to your usual garlands and centerpieces.

You may also be interested in the below video.

While the plants are beautiful on their own, displaying them well can highlight them even more. Southern Living has several step-by-step videos on how to arrange flowers and centerpieces to help craft every detail of your decoration.

Also, make sure to take care of the plants so they last through the entire holiday season! Keep the decorations looking fresh and festive.