For this festive couple, Christmas doesn't end on December 26th.


Everybody loves Christmas, but this Omaha, Nebraska couple takes holiday cheer to a whole new level. Formerly known as Jeff and Mary Brookstein, they officially changed their names to Santa and Merry Christmas Claus back in 2016. Seriously.

Santa and Merry Christmas have been married for six years, and if you ask them, they're feeling pretty sprightly at 860 and 861 years old, respectively. They've been dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus at malls for the better part of a decade, though Christmas doesn't end for them on December 26th.

"The holidays never end for us," Santa told Country Living. "Because when you're Santa and Mrs. Claus, every day is Christmas!"

Santa began working as his namesake not long before he met Merry Christmas online in December 2009. Shortly after escorting him to a gig at a nursing home, she fell hard—both for her bearded beau and his line of work. In 2010 she bought her own red robe and officially began accompanying her boyfriend to events, as his Mrs. Claus.

Then one day in September 2016, Santa came home from work—he's a taxi driver during the offseason—with a stack of papers detailing how they could legally change their names.

"He came in, with all this literature, like, 'I think I want to change my name to Santa Claus,'" recalls Merry Christmas. "I said, 'Well I was literally thinking about that today, too! I want to be Merry Christmas Claus.' And we just kind of looked at each other. It was an amazing moment, because it came to both of us on the exact same day."

A year later, Santa and Merry Christmas have more than 25 gigs lined up, though they could take or leave the money. For them, it's all about the children.

"We're thankful for the holidays, because it's really what brought us together, but, now every day is a holiday to us," says Santa. "No matter what you believe in, we say if everybody kept Santa and Mrs. Claus close in their hearts every day, each day would be better for everyone."