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Grammy, ACM, and CMA Award-winning Lee Ann Womack is a well-loved voice in country music. Her sweet, melodic sound took cues from both old country and pop, leading hits like "I Hope You Dance" to success. This Christmas, Lee Ann recorded one of her (and our!) favorite Christmas hymns, "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful" – and it's absolutely beautiful. We also chatted with Lee Ann about what she loves most about the holiday season – from The Grinch to her husband's leg lamp.

What do you love most about Christmas in the South? When we're in Houston for Christmas, we can open all the patio doors and enjoy the sunshine. If we're in Nashville, we may have snow on the ground and a fire in the fireplace. Either way, it feels like Christmas to me.

What's your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood? I loved spending time at my grandparents home in Leesville, Louisiana because I got to be with my cousins, who drove down from North Carolina. Spending time with them was my favorite thing about my childhood.

Does your family have an fun Christmas traditions now? The things we do every year: - I plant 10 amaryllis, some for decoration at my house and some for gifts. - I have tons of Christmas cookie cutters and we use them every year to make sugar cookies, even now that the girls are grown. - We buy our tree from the same lot every year because they donate the money to charities in Nashville. - My husband Frank's sister, Lise, gave him a leg lamp, like the one in A Christmas Story, and we put that out every year. Our friends look forward to seeing that (and laughing).

What's your favorite Christmas carol? I really love "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful," which is why I chose to record it this year. The melody and the calling together of the faithful is inspiring to me.

How does your family spend Christmas Eve? I make apple cider in the percolator, we watch Christmas programs on TV, and there's always the last minute scramble of wrapping gifts (and, for me, trying to remember where I stashed things that I purchased months ago)!

What's your favorite Christmas movie? We love The Grinch! I loved that cartoon when I was a kid, my girls loved it when they were kids, and when Ron Howard remade it with Jim Carrey in 2000, I was blown away. I don't usually think remakes are as good as the original, but they managed to beat it. Some day I hope to thank them for bringing our family so much joy!