With a few smart storage moves, your holiday trimmings will be leaping out of hibernation and onto your tree with ease.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Credit: Hector Sanchez

When it comes to holiday decorating, stress levels rise just thinking about tangled masses of Christmas lights, broken ornaments with snarled hooks, and unraveling gift wrap. We're here to say, it doesn't have to be this way. Managing your Christmas storage will seriously improve your holiday decorating. You'll have the time and energy to create dazzling décor at your house. And, don't be fooled by all of those pricey Christmas storage specific items at shops. You can use everyday items in smart new ways. Take a look at some of our smart Christmas storage ideas tailored to typical Christmas decorating essentials.

The Lights
Heavy-duty zip top bags and twist ties are all you need to keep your lights tangle free. As you remove each strand from the tree, check to make sure all the lights on the strand work. If they do, wind each strand around your arm and fasten the coil with a twist tie around it to keep together. Place each wound strand inside a sealed zip top bag. You can keep your lights further organized by placing all the bagged colored strands inside a larger zip top bag and all bagged colored strands inside a separate large zip top bag.

The Ornaments
Stock up on all the egg cartons, egg crates, and liquor boxes that you can get your hands on this holiday season! There's no reason to reinvent everyday items that are already designed to carry delicate things. Carefully place your smaller ornaments in egg cartons and then stack them carefully inside egg crates. For your larger ornaments, wrap them in tissue paper and place them inside sturdy, compartmentalized liquor and wine bottle boxes. Organize your ornaments by shape and color to keep your holiday décor super streamlined. You will also be able to use some for ornament displays.

The Wreaths and Garlands
Carefully pack greenery away in clear, airtight storage bins to keep them lasting year after year.

The Stockings and Linens
Before placing your Christmas linens and stockings away, have them cleaned and pressed. Keeping them neatly folded, wrap them in tissue paper and place inside clear airtight bins.

The Odds and Ends
You always need wire, ornament hooks, and utility hooks. Keep it all organized in a clear fishing tackle box—it's the perfect size with great compartments for your odds and ends.