A Thank You Letter To That House Who Does Holiday Decor Better Than Everyone Else

It wouldn’t be Christmas without you.

House exterior with elaborate holiday decorations
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Every town has that house. You know the one. Come November first, they probably have enough Christmas lights to power a village and some combination of a life-size sleigh with animated reindeer leaping into the sky, a larger-than-life nativity scene, dancing elves, an army of snowmen, oversized candy canes galore, and maybe even a Santa inflatable as tall as the house itself. We're not talking about the house in the neighborhood with sparing, intentionally-placed lights and baubles. No, the one we're talking about bounds chaotically past tasteful, into the realm of pure fun.

Oh, that one. Of course! You've probably made a point to drive by your town's 'Christmas house'—perhaps even every year—marveling at the over-the-top decorations. At this point, they basically go hand in hand with the season. When the Christmas house is all decked out, that's the local indicator that the holiday season has come at last.

If you're not the one basking in this home's elaborate grandeur, but rather, this description matches your own home, this letter is for you. We just want you to know that we appreciate you.

We appreciate how you have single-handedly manufactured an essential holiday experience. Rejoicing in your home is a tradition that so many of us regard with nostalgia and warm regards despite chilly winter weather. We delight in your festivities and are in awe at the eccentricity. You laugh in the face of minimalist decor, and we are happy you do so. Somehow, you seem to outdo yourself year after year. It just wouldn't be Christmas without you.

And we thank you for your time and effort. They don't go unnoticed. Creating this mega-display of Christmas spirit year after year cannot be easy. We take in the wonderful madness of your yard and ask ourselves, just as we did last year, 'How in the world did they manage that!' and 'Where do they even keep all of this during the rest of the year?' Not to mention the cost to foot the electricity bill for all of those glorious, twinkling Christmas lights and automations.

We also want to express our gratitude for, in essence, welcoming all of us into your home. We're dreadfully sorry for lingering outside and coming empty handed; Mama would be clutching her pearls if she knew! At least we've got a thank you note covered—that's non-negotiable.

We appreciate that you put up with the constant, pesky flow of traffic on your street, especially as cars slow down in front of your lawn and greedy eyes take in your home's exterior—which in any other context would be extremely concerning. You didn't have to share the holidays with so many onlookers, many of us likely strangers, but you chose to do so anyway and bring us endless joy in doing so. Thank you.

With love,
Southern Living

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