Give holiday cards the attention they deserve with these creative ideas.
Iris Thorpe Christmas Card Display Garland
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Every year your friends and family spend precious time picking out the perfect picture and design for their holiday card. To show them off, learn how to display your favorite Christmas cards with these seven ideas.

Adorn a Garland

Use a lush magnolia, pine, or boxwood garland—strung across a doorway, mantel, or bookshelf—to display your collection of holiday cards. Simply slip a slender ribbon through a hole punched in each one and tie them to the greenery.

Repurpose Vintage Finds

Give new life to unique decorative objects by tucking Christmas cards into the slats of old shutters and vintage sleds, or into the weave of oversized wall baskets (like a vintage tobacco basket). Then, lean the display against the wall atop a sturdy table in a prominent spot.

Put Ribbon to Good Use

Pin a floor-length, 3-inch-wide piece of silk ribbon vertically on a blank wall or along the back of a vacant door; use tiny spots of glue or pins to affix your holiday cards up and down the length of the ribbon.

Create a Framed Display

Pick up an empty wooden frame at a thrift store or garage sale; then, measure, cut, and affix a rectangular piece of pliable chicken wire (available at most home improvement and craft stores) to the back. Clip your Christmas cards to the wire with mini clothespins.

Bedeck Your Banister

If you plan to dress your stairway banister with a festive Christmas garland this year, consider hanging cards from the garland with colorful pieces of silk ribbon in varying lengths.

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Dress Up A Window

String a piece of rustic twine across an empty widow, tying each end to small finishing nails or picture holders on either side of the window frame. Using decorative clips or mini clothespins, clip your holiday cards across the length of the twine.

Create a Card Tree

Arrange natural reeds or sticks into a sturdy vase and adorn the branches with Christmas cards, using different lengths of ribbon or twine to hang cards from the branches at varying heights.