This Buckingham Palace Christmas Cookie Is A Royal Favorite

The Queen's chefs share the recipe for one of their most popular Christmas cookies.

From hosting lavish diplomatic receptions to entertaining the whims of royal youngsters, every day is busy in the Buckingham Palace kitchen.

The Queen's pastry chefs churn out thousands of mince pies, sweet treats, and canapés for year-round events. But one Palace favorite, Christmas gingerbread biscuits, only come around during Christmastime.

Royal Christmas tree lead
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Each year, palace pastry chefs whip up these cute seasonal biscuits from scratch. This time, they were kind enough to share the recipe with us.

"It's always best to let the dough rest, so it's great if you can make the dough the night before," one of the Queen's chefs writes on the official Royal Family website. "You can also roll out the dough, cut the shapes, and put them in a freezer for an hour. This ensures they keep their shape nicely."

Once you've cut them into festive shapes and baked them, icing decorates the biscuits with beautiful designs. Palace staff even goes as far as to personalize each one. And if you're feeling incredibly crafty (or have some space left over on your tree), consider looping a ribbon through the biscuits and then hanging them as decorations.

Bakers on this "side of the pond" might not be familiar with one British ingredient: "mixed spice." You can mix up a stateside equivalent using cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, or allspice.

Looking for a taste of Buckingham Palace in your home this Christmas? Get the full recipe here.

Ready, set, bake!

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