More green in your wallet, less green needles on the floor.
Christmas Tree in Window
Credit: ML Harris/Getty Images

Any decision in life involves compromise. Bake grandma's magic custard pie for the holiday potluck, and mama's pecan will have to wait for another jubilee. Break out your sparkly red-and-green earrings for Christmas supper, and that reindeer necklace won't see the light of day in 2018. Save money on your Christmas tree, and you may very well have to hold out until The Eleventh Hour to lug it home, at least according to MarketWatch.

If that's a compromise you're willing to make, consider that buying a tree on Christmas Eve costs, on average, $47. By contrast, buying a tree on Cyber Monday will cost you an average of $81, with Black Friday trailing closely behind at $77. The data comes courtesy of a study from mobile payment company Square and the National Christmas Tree Association.

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There's also some encouraging news — no matter when you buy your Christmas tree this year — for budget-conscious shoppers: "Christmas tree prices have risen 17% in recent years, from an average price of $64 in 2015 to $73 last year. The National Christmas Tree Association expects 2018 prices to hold steady with last year, thanks in large part to a high supply of trees available," writes Jacob Passy in the MarketWatch piece. With ample supply, customers may have more wiggle room in scoring a better deal on their trees.

Of course, if you like dressing up your Christmas tree by, oh, yesterday, the savings may not be worth it to you. But it's worth noting you could simply shift your Christmas tree display time from November through the end of December to Christmas Eve through the end of January. Extending holiday cheer all January long? That's something we think St. Nick could get behind.