As an an editor at large for Southern Living and a mother to son J.R. and new baby girl Millie Stuart, I have a deep love for classic children's clothing and all things Southern. I'm always delighted to find something that incorporates both and I'm excited to share my best finds here with you on The Daily South. Here's one of my favorites: Charleston-based Pixie Lily.

The Line: Pixie Lily; Luxurious baby clothing and accessories for the mother with a discerning eye.


The Story: Pixie Lily's founder and owner, Leda Jackson gets what a Southern Mama wants! The first Pixie Lily couture creation came when Mrs. Jackson's daughter, Suzanne was born. The precious baby girl was dressed in a gown that had been made for her great-grandfather, Count Hughes Jules de la Vergne. Lucky baby! As the new mom set out to find new gowns that fit her sophisticated but sweet aesthetic, she struggled to find what she wanted. So what does any good Southern woman do in that situation? She designs and makes her own! In 2000, Pixie Lily was officially opened and is now sold in over 500 national and international stores. The sweet, simple and classic designs are made with love in Charleston and I have found my new go-to shop for baby gifts.


Why I Love It: As a Southern Girl, the words "heirloom quality" ring like sweet angel bells in my ears, especially when it comes to items for my new baby! So, when my friend Meredith Land Moore, a Charleston native and now Dallas/Fort Worth NBC Evening News Anchor, gifted me with a heirloom quality bib and burp cloth from Pixie Lily, my heart went all aflutter. Of course, I went on a mission to learn more about Pixie Lily and the more I learned, the more I liked it!

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Now all of this talk about the quality of the items might have you expecting huge price tags but you will be pleasantly surprised. Most of the baby items are under $100 but feel like a million bucks! The layette is so soft and sweet that I want to keep little Millie Stuart in Pixie Lily all of the time. Her special pieces are getting a lot of wear but are holding up beautifully. I'm enjoying the Layette on my newborn little one now (and I am trying to savor every moment of her tiny baby stage) but I can't wait to dress her in the delicate designs Mrs. Jackson creates for the tots too!

There is a new limited edition Pixie Print coming out in November and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Sadly, the holiday layette sold out before I could get my order in but rumor has it that there might be a few more available in November. I think the trick is to follow Pixie Lily on Facebook to get your orders in early!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the cherry on top of my Pixie Lily gift from Meredith—it was monogrammed!