Grandmas-to-be deserve some love too.
OH BABY Balloons
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Southerners love showers—with the finger foods, party games, and gifting galore, we just can't stay away. That's why we'll throw a shower for nearly any celebratory occasion. There's one recent party trend, though, that we think really takes the cake. Have you heard of grandmother showers?

When you think of baby showers, you probably think of occasions in which moms-to-be are showered with love, baby clothes, and gifts from their registries. These days, though, the mom-to-be isn't the only one having fun. Enter the grandmother shower. It's a party a grandma-to-be throws for herself (though it's sometimes thrown in her honor) in order to celebrate the upcoming birth of a first grandchild.

We love the idea. In fact, we can't believe we didn't think of this earlier. Becoming a grandmother is a special moment that deserves to be celebrated—and we Southerners are good at finding reasons to celebrate. A party is the perfect time to shower the grandmother-to-be with love, mark an important transition in her life, and gift her a few things she'll need in her new role.

Of course the grandmother shower includes everything we love—ham salad, favors, the Oh Baby balloons above—but it's also usually accompanied by a gift registry. Why a gift registry? What could be on it, you ask? Well, it's filled with all the things that Grandma needs in order to host Mom and Baby when they visit—i.e.: a bassinet or crib, bottles, linens, toys...the list goes on. Because her babies are all grown up and her baby items are long since loaned away, Grandma needs to stock up anew. The reason for this gifting is a win-win: If the parents and baby don't need to bring loads of stuff with them, they're much more likely to jump in the car and pay Grandma a visit. (Which is cause for celebration in itself.)

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Would you host a grandmother shower, or have you hosted one already? Do you think it's a must-do or a passing fad that you're more likely to skip?