But wait…what do you put in the baby book?
Baby Shower Card
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In the whirlwind final weeks before a new baby arrives, simplicity is key. Between perfectly positioning nursery teddy bears and hulling load after load of new baby necessities into your home, it's hard to imagine having time for formalities. We're not here to preach perfection in such a busy time of life, but when it comes to your baby shower invitation, consider keeping tradition alive.

Don't get us wrong, how a baby shower hostess and mom-to-be choose to send invitations is a completely up to personal preference and circumstance. Baby shower evites or email invitations are basically synonymous with ease, and we completely get the appeal. We're just wondering who doesn't love a lovely piece of paper with blue or pink designs awaiting them in the mail? Sure beats opening up bills and other mundane envelopes stuffed in the mailbox, if you ask us.

When trying to decide what kind of baby shower invitations to send, the invitees and setting may help you determine if an email invitation is leaning on the side of tacky. For example, is your grandmother invited? If so, does she even use email? Is it an office baby shower without personal friends and family? If so, does sending a well-designed baby shower email make more sense in that setting?

One of the biggest reasons we're proponents of a pretty piece of mail is the process of gathering addresses. Sure, asking guests for their home address beforehand is an extra step, especially if you already have everyone's email addresses. However, it's worth it in the long run. Sending a physical baby shower invitation ensures you've collected all addresses and are fully prepared to promptly send thank you notes post party.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to send a baby shower evite or a beautiful piece of card stock is up to circumstance and personal preference. We're just here to remind you how pretty that piece of paper would look in a scrapbook.

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Have other baby shower etiquette questions? Here are a few things to keep in mind, according to Emily Post:

  • Showers are usually given four to sex weeks before a baby's due date.
  • Sent out invitations three weeks before the shower.
  • Be sure to include the mother's or parent's names as well as the location, date and time of the event on the invitation. Don't forget to request an RSVP.
  • Never mention registry or gift information directly on the invitation. Instead, consider a separate enclosure.
  • It's acceptable to throw a shower for a second or third baby, but consider limiting your guest list to just immediate family, very close friends, or individuals who did not attend a previous shower.