This $7 Sandwich Sealer Lets You Make Nostalgic Crustless Sandwiches At Home

Make your own Uncrustables.

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Crustless Sandwich

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There is nothing quite as reliable as the humble sandwich. From the time we are children until decades later as adults, it’s the lunch that never gets boring, due to the endless combinations of ingredients that you can put between two bread slices. Not to mention, types of sandwiches abound, from the cold-cut classic to the melted panini. In short, you’re never too picky or too grown-up for a sandwich. 

Anyone who has stepped foot in the frozen section of the grocery store, or has asked an elementary-school-aged kid on what to pack for school lunch, knows the enigmatic draw of Uncrustables. The crustless sandwiches remain one of the most popular grab-and-go lunch foods since their creation in 1995 by David Geske and Len Kretchman, who then sold the idea to the J.M. Smucker Company. The concept began simply: two pieces of bread pressed together with a filling between (such as the familiar peanut butter and jelly) with edges that are crimped closed. It was genius in its simplicity. 

Now, after more than 25 years, the secret is out, and you’re able to make your own crimped, crustless sandwiches at home. All you need is a $7 sandwich sealer from Amazon

Amazon Sandwich Cutter and Sealer


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The kitchen gadget is pretty straightforward. Each set includes 5 sandwich tools in total: 2 sealers and 3 cutters. You’re able to make 2 different-sized crustless sandwiches, depending on your preference; and the extra cutter can be used to cut out fillings such as cheese or meat to perfectly fit inside without any waste. This set comes in handy for those who don’t prefer crust or who would like to prepare freezable Uncrustable-like sandwiches to pull out and thaw as desired. 

Unlike the classic Uncrustables, you can go beyond peanut butter and jelly—though you can certainly choose to make your own version of the original crowd-pleaser and save money. However, you can also choose any sort of sandwich ingredients, such as cold cuts, cheese, and cold salads such as egg salad or pimiento cheese. For old-school tomato sandwich lovers, choose an aptly-sized slice of tomato, and you can even make quite the mess-free tomato pocket! There will always be nostalgia for Uncrustables, but there’s no reason not to embark on your own crustless creations. 

To use the set, first assemble your bread slices and filling. Use the round-shaped cutter to press down over the center of the sandwich, cutting through both slices of bread. Don’t remove it! Then, use the comparably-sized sealer and press it down on the interior to crimp the edges. Remove both the cutter and sealer to unveil your crustless sandwich, and enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a way to reinvent lunchtime for yourself or a little one, or transition to more home-assembled meals versus store-bought, the sandwich sealer might just be the shortcut you’ve been looking for. 

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