Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Reunites With Baby Girl He Helped Deliver On Side Of Highway

Deputy “Red” Jones arrived right in the nick of time.

Deputy “Red” Jones

Hillsborough Count Sheriff's Office

A Florida sheriff’s deputy who helped deliver a baby girl on the side of a highway was reunited with the newborn last week.  

Deputy “Red” Jones was flagged down late last month by a panicked motorist whose pregnant wife was “about to give birth,” according to a press release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.  

Jones “sprang into action” and helped the mother deliver her baby - and even cracked some jokes along the way.  

On dashcam video shared by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Jones can be heard asking the mother how far along she is and if this is her first baby. When she replies it’s her sixth baby, Jones replies jokingly, “Six? Whooo! Y’all need a better hobby!” 

Jones, mom and dad all erupt into laughter.  

While holding the mother’s hand, Jones continues to encourage the laboring mother and reminding her to breathe.  

Minutes later, a healthy baby girl was born inside the car with Jones announcing, “Look at your pretty little girl!”  

Mother and baby were transported to the hospital for further care.  

"I am extremely proud of Master Deputy Jones's quick actions and dedication to serving our community in any capacity," Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said. 

A few weeks later, Jones got to meet the little lady he helped deliver.  Jones posed for a picture with the parents and the newborn who wore a onesie that says “Little Red” and has a picture of a mustache almost as impressive as his.  

The pictures were posted to the HBCO Instagram page with the caption, “No, her name is NOT Red, but “Little Red” is a cool nickname! What do y’all think?!”

This was the third time Jones has assisted in delivering a baby. 

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