Why Southerners Will Always Prefer A Mismatched Christmas Tree

We’ll always reserve the front for nostalgic passed-down ornaments.

For those who celebrate Christmas each year, many of the fondest memories of the holiday season, from childhood to present day, center around the Christmas tree. With the twinkling of a new strand of lights and the clinking of ornaments being unwrapped for decorating, you can be transported back to a cherished experience. The Christmas tree itself serves as a beacon of cheer that needs only to be dressed up by loved ones old and new. No matter how old you get, it can still feel magical. 

Kids decorating Christmas tree


The Nostalgia of Collected Ornaments

How the Christmas tree gets decorated doesn’t necessarily need to remain the same to evoke beloved memories, but many in the South seem to think that it certainly helps. In a world where color-coordinated and perfectly matched ornaments have become more “on trend,” Southerners are still pulling out the old heirloom ornaments that have been passed down from year to year—and sometimes from generation to generation, which makes it all the more important to showcase them on the tree.

Christmas Tree with Red and Blue Ribbons
Alison Gootee; Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Yes, the charming but albeit confusing Christmas pickle. Yes, the ever-so-colorful Shiny-Brites. Yes, the old-fashioned hanging figurines. And of course, the potentially perilous icicles to complete the scene. Whether they’ve come straight from your mother’s tree or you’ve picked up a rendition for yourself, these classic Christmas tree ornaments give a little something that none other can: nostalgia. Beyond presents and decorations, we like to think that nostalgia for Christmases past is what really gets people excited every year. Plus, the added assortment of ornaments makes it easy for everybody, kids included, to decorate together with no pressure.

The More Mismatched, the Better!

No matter which way you choose to decorate your Christmas tree—colored or white lights, real or faux tree—you can make it feel special, and it's never too late to start a new tradition. Grab a Christmas pickle. Look for Shiny-Brites in your ideal color scheme. Invest in hanging holiday figurines that make you smile. A cowboy Santa, perhaps? These wonderfully unique ornaments can become new family favorites that will stick around. 

Red sailboat ornament on Christmas tree
Alison Gootee; Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Even amongst modern and “stylish” ornaments that we add to our collection, Southerners will always make space at the front of the Christmas tree for their heirloom ornaments.

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