And what are they, anyways?

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To phloem bundles or not to phloem bundles, that is the question. Well, first off, what exactly are phloem bundles?

You may not be familiar with the scientific term, but chances are you know what they are: phloem bundles are those dry, stringy bits when you peel open a banana. Many people throw them away with the skin, but as it turns out, they're actually completely edible — and quite good for you.

"Phloem bundles are made up of living cells and allows for food products and sugar to get to all the different parts of the plant, "Rebecca Lee, a registered nurse and the founder of, a health resource for natural remedies, explained in a Reader's Digest article. According to the same article, they're just as nutritious as the rest of the fruit and loaded with potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin B6.

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Mystery solved, folks. Now, onto other culinary enigmas. Can somebody kindly tell us what that white stuff on salmon is, please and thank you?