Protect yourself from flu season with these tips to naturally boost your immune system.


The winter months have a tendency to package colder temps with the sniffles. Protect yourself from flu season with these tips from our friends at Health. Here are five ways to naturally boost your immune system.

A good diet and exercise can help maintain your health. While we might be tempted to hibernate during the winter months, getting off the couch and eating right is the strongest defense against a cold. Don't worry about a gym membership—you can work out for free on YouTube.

Prioritizing sleep is key! Researchers found that adults who sleep less than six hours a night are four times more likely to catch a cold. Life may make it challenging but try your best to get eight hours of shut eye.

Ward off potential colds with clean hands! Scrub with plain soap and water for at least twenty seconds, or two rounds of the "Happy Birthday" song, to ensure your hands are clean. Pick up seasonally scented antibacterial soap for an extra delightful experience. On-the-go? Don't forget to bring hand sanitizer. The pocket-sized formula is the next best thing to make sure your hands are in tip-top shape.

Try probiotics! Bacteria that reside in your stomach affect your body's ability to fend off germs and can lead to inflammatory conditions. Get your flora in line with a kombucha drink, a side of kimchi or a probiotic supplement.

These simple and inexpensive tricks will keep you healthy all winter long!