Getting more Zzzs will only cost you 0.

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Let's face it: We all could use a little more sleep, especially during the busy holiday season. If there's someone in your life wishing they could get more rest at night, why not grant their holiday wish with a simple gift? It's a present that won't require you to act as Mr. Sandman either, but you'll definitely help bring their dreams to life by purchasing the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask on Amazon.

This soothing sleep mask checks all the boxes, including promoting longer slumbers. Not to mention, it only costs $10, rivaling its sleep-promoting competitors. No wonder more than 8,000 reviewers are singing its praises and awarding it five stars for helping them to doze off more quickly (and soundly) at bedtime.

Some reviewers suggested that the sleep mask functions much like blackout curtains or shades, but others also loved its cushiony texture and the fact that it's easily adjustable.

The secret to its comfortability and softness is that it's made from natural mulberry silk on both sides. The mask also has a band that can stretch up to 27.6 inches with plastic adjusters that fit perfectly on the back of the head, instead of the temples.

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Not getting enough shut-eye can increase a person's risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke and other health-related problems. So here's a great stocking-stuffer idea you can feel good about giving your loved ones this Christmas—or maybe yourself, too.

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