Meet our new hero, Honey Kimball.

By Meghan Overdeep
January 11, 2019
Credit: kali9/Getty Images

There are a lot of theories about what leads to a long and healthy life. Some people swear by good diet and exercise, while others credit their longevity to indulging in red wine and chocolate. One study even found that stubbornness could be the key to the fountain of youth.

But 96-year-old Honey Kimball has a different approach. Her secret? Being fabulous.

Writer Steven R. Bowers came across the stylish nonagenarian while working on his book Secrets of the World's Healthiest People. Other than the fact that she uses a walker, Bowers reports being struck by her unmistakable health, energy and happiness.

In a recent article for Prevention, he recalls how she was "dressed to the nines, including heels, large hoop earrings, makeup, and impeccably done hair and nails."

Bowers goes on to reveal that in her 96 years, Kimball had only been hospitalized for the births of her children and once for a broken arm. She is also rarely sick.

"Every day, I get up, do my makeup, and put on something nice in case one of my girls stops by and says, ‘let's go out,'" she explained. "I certainly don't feel 96. When I say '96,' it sounds like I'm talking about someone else."

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Bowers points out how her attention to her appearance could play a large role in her overall health and wellbeing. "By getting up every morning and dressing nicely, Kimball's opening all her options," he explains. "If one of her daughters stops by and asks her to go shopping or to lunch, Kimball is ready to jump in the car—a proactive move to prevent becoming a shut-in."

It's so simple, yet so vital.

We think you just might be onto something, Honey, and we know a few Southern mamas who would agree!