Roma Patel wants to make your busy life easier. In August 2019, the Atlanta-based mother of two founded Tejari (a line of organic, plant-based protein powders) as a way to help people live more healthful lives. "Food is overwhelming for many of us, myself included," says Patel. "I know how hard it is to plan for every meal, and it's great to be able to offer a solution to families." 

Roma Patel of Tejari
Credit: Courtesy of Heather Carraway

While she had been a vegetarian for much of her life, it wasn't until her first pregnancy that she became especially health conscious. Her efforts to eat more protein took her on a yearslong fact-finding mission with a group of experts, which led to the launch of Tejari. The blends include pea protein, freeze-dried fruits, and organic spices (like turmeric), resulting in a meal supplement that is gentle on the stomach, nutrient dense, and full of natural flavor—along with its other benefits like immune-boosting properties. "They have the real, whole ingredients that you want but are packaged in a way that's easier to incorporate into your existing meals," she says. 

Right now, her sons are big on banana bread, so she stirs in Tejari's Organic Golden Banana Blend for extra protein. "We've been baking a lot," says Patel. "That's been fun during the pandemic. With two young boys, I'm like, 'What can I do to entertain them in the house?' "