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Amazon Gallon Water Bottle
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There are many times I stop and think that an accountability coach might be in order. Usually it's when I'm on an online shopping rampage, in a Costco sample frenzy, or grabbing my fourth cup of coffee instead of a nice, refreshing lemon water.

One of the easiest things we can do for our health is to drink more water. While that seems simple and straightforward enough to do on a daily basis, I'd bet that many people out there don't even realize that they're failing to do so. Before you know it, it's 5 p.m. and you've only had a measly glass or two. In the past, it wasn't uncommon for me to be three cups of coffee deep in the day before I'd even finished the old reusable bottle I'd had for years. 

That is, until I found the reusable water bottle with over 25,000 Amazon reviews that seems to be single-handedly hydrating a new generation. I'm convinced that said generation is going to have cells chock-full of water and faces full of collagen. Perhaps, they'll live forever. The Giotto Gallon Motivational Water Bottle tells me exactly how much water I should be drinking every two hours, marking each two-hour time period with a goal line and various forms of "You can do it!" affirmations. It keeps me in line without guilting me into total submission, much like when my grandmother would keep all of us young kids entertained at the restaurant table growing up using a card game. Sugar. No stick.

The drinking goals are marked every two hours from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. — but I'll fudge the system and get ahead in order to finish the whole bottle earlier in case I forget before heading to bed. And after drinking a gallon of water every day for three weeks, the results were wildly noticeable. (Now, it's been about one year since I've started my hydration journey. Not every day is perfect, especially on weekends, but the bottle makes a huge difference in keeping me cognizant of my water intake.) Since I've been on track with my water intake, I can tell my skin looks better, my dark circles are less pronounced, and I feel overall healthier on a daily basis, especially after days of indulgence. I'm never going to give up doughnuts or spicy margaritas, of course, but the sugar hangover doesn't hit quite so hard anymore. 

If you also want to get on the hydrated train and can't seem to find the motivation, snag this reusable gallon water bottle from Amazon and start chugging with me. Shop below.

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Amazon Gallon Water Bottle
Credit: Amazon

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