Expert Liliana Grajales shares advice for keeping makeup looking fresh in the heat.

Makeup Tips for Summer Heat
Our model beats the summer heat with natural makeup.
| Credit: Image Source/Corbis

To keep makeup looking fresh in the heat, ditch heavy makeup products and opt for a streamlined beauty routine, says Liliana Grajales, spa director at The Ritz-Carlton in Miami's South Beach. "Summer is not the time to wear heavy makeup—it'll just melt off your face," she says. She should know: Celebrity guests come to the spa year-round to have their makeup done. "Heavy makeup always ages you, but it's especially noticeable in warm climates," she says. Here are her tips for natural-looking makeup with staying power.

Skip the foundation. It doesn't work with humidity. Instead, women of all ages can use tinted moisturizer, which saves you from applying separate moisture and color. "You want a dewy, fresh look, and your moisturizer is where it starts," Liliana says. If your skin tends to get shiny in the heat, look for an oil-free version.

Add bronzer. Bronzer is the secret weapon to faking that sun-kissed look. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, nose, and forehead with a wide brush made with natural fibers. "Some women are afraid to try bronzers because they often contain iridescent shimmer," Liliana says. "Go for it! New technology has resulted in metallic looks that are subtle."

Try a cheek stain. Cream blushes are a no-no—it'll just slide off your face when you step out the door. Instead, try a cheek stain or gel with a rosy hue. They are easy to apply (just use your fingers) and long-lasting, plus many are oil free.

Go for a natural eye. No need for layers of shadow. Instead, dust your lids with bronzer and line the top of your eyes with a neutral color that contains a hint of sparkle. Waterproof pencil eyeliner is essential in the Southern humidity—no raccoon eyes here!

Have fun with gloss. Save the matte lipstick for fall and opt for a lip gloss with shine. "Lip gloss was made for summer," Liliana says. She recommends starting with a neutral lip liner to keep color from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth. Fill in with a lasting gloss and you're all set.