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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering why that one co-worker was attacking you in your dream? It may have more to do with your personality than theirs.

A recent study commissioned by Best Mattress Brand set out to discover whether specific personality types had particular types of dreams and it seems like they two are intertwined. For the study, they had over 1,000 Americans take the Myers-Briggs personality test to determine their basic personality characteristics. The Myers-Briggs test sorts people by traits: extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuition (facts vs intuition), thinking or feeling (logic vs emotion), and judging or perceiving (decisive action vs keeping options open). Each individual's combination create your personality type. (Not sure where you fall in the Myers-Briggs spectrum? Take the test here.)

Once the participants knew their personality types, they then answered questions about their sleep and dream patterns. Researchers then compared their responses to their Myers-Briggs personality traits. The results showed that even in our dreams, personality traits seem to come through loud and clear. For instance, introverts may not be able to shake their reserved natures in their dream worlds. "Introverts were more likely to dream of being unable to influence the world around them and dreamed more often of punching without effect," the researchers said. "Extroverts, however, dreamed of more active pursuits, such as traveling."

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Introverts also tend to dream of their teeth falling out 14.2 percent more often than extroverts. Luckily for introverts, they are less likely to remember such a terrifying dream as compared to extroverts. Extroverts are 10.9% more likely to have lucid dreams than Introverts and have nightmares 8.3 percent less often than introverts (unless you consider dreaming about your boss a nightmare, which extroverts are 10.7 percent more likely to do than introverts.)

People with what the Meyers-Briggs test calls "the Feeling trait" tend to talk in their sleep 9.1% more often than those with the Thinking trait and Thinking people dream about getting pregnant 18.2% less often than Feeling people. Those with the Intuitive trait dream about getting attacked 14.8% more often than those with the Sensing trait, which doesn't sound like a particularly good way to get a good night's sleep.

Check out the rest of the study here or at least rest assured that you're not the only person dreaming about your boss on a Friday night.