Put bling into your bath and go ballistic before bed.

Open Up the Space
Give your master suite flow with French doors and glass walls. Instead of a basic doorway between this master bedroom and bath, architects visually opened up this master suite by designing a glass wall as a divider, with grommeted curtain panels that c
| Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn and Robbie Caponetto

Just for You - Pair the luscious, sweet-enough-to-eat (but don't!) Bath Bomb with our "The Art of Sleeping In" story.

  • First step: Run the water in the bathtub to the perfect level, and climb in.
  • Second: Plop in the colorful bomb, a fist-size missile packed tight with fragrance and herbal properties.
  • Last: Sink back, and get ?fizzical? as the ball exudes bubbles, scents, and sounds.

Some bombs live up to their name by spewing confetti or glammy glitter. Others merely smooth and soothe you.

Our faves: Avobath (an uplifting combo of avocado, lemongrass, bergamot, and rosewood essential oils) and All That Jasmine (sweet styrax for anxiety, vetiver oil for stress and tension, jasmine oil to loosen tight muscles). Bombs run in the $4-$6 range (use one per bath). To order call 1-888-733-5874, or visit www.lush.com.

Talk about a mood-breaker. You've coaxed the first logs of the season into a mellow flicker and started gazing into the eyes of your mate. Then--whomp. A visitor from beyond--a dead raccoon--drops into the fire.

"Has a chimney sweep inspected your chimney? You need to be sure it's clean and that no animals settled in there during the summer months," advises Leslie Wheeler of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA).

Sure puts a damper on the occasion. And speaking of dampers, Leslie reminds you to open yours (after all, you did close it for the summer, saving yourself tons on air-conditioning bills). You'll know the flue's shut if your room turns as smoky as a pool hall at midnight.

For more fireplace safety tips visit www.hpba.org. For a list of certified chimney sweeps visit www.csia.org (the Chimney Safety Institute of America Web site). Then go with the glow.

This article is from our 2005 Weekend Living special issue.