Follow the example of these Southern women who find real support in the virtual community they created.

How to Build Friendship through Blogging
Nyasha Smith, Nadia Jones, and Stacey Ferguson blog daily.
| Credit: Chris M. Rogers

When Nadia Jones, Stacey Ferguson, and Nyasha Smith were law students at Howard University, it was easy for them to chat. A decade later, with growing families and burgeoning legal careers, keeping in touch wasn't so easy. (Stacey and Nyasha live in the D.C. area, and Nadia lives in Jacksonville, Florida.)

That's when Stacey came up with the idea to start a weblog—a public, online journal—or blog, for short. She thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with Nadia and Nyasha. The MamaLaw blog was born (

The concept is simple: Each woman shares stories from her day-to-day life, from finding time to exercise to recipes for healthy, kid-friendly meals. "Writing online helps us grow as women, mothers, and wives," Nyasha says. "The best part is you realize you're not the only one trying to figure it all out."

They're not alone. Each week, more than 23 million American women visit or write a blog. Join the conversation with these easy tips.

3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Blog

You don't have to be a technical expert to create a blog and start your own online conversation, says Joelle Reeder, co-author of The It Girl's Guide To Blogging With Moxie (her co-author, Katherine Scoleri, calls Atlanta home). Here's their primer on getting started.

Choose your subject. As you read other blogs, think about which ones appeal to you most. Is it family antics? Travel? A love for cooking? Start with a clear, simple focus, but make sure it's something you are passionate about or you won't be motivated to write.

Set up a site. Free services like or help you create a simple blog in minutes. (If you want more bells and whistles you can hire a Web designer.)

Start posting. Blog posts don't have to be long—a few paragraphs or a great photo count. The most important thing is that you post.