Wonder how TV personalities get that glow? CNN's Atlanta-based makeup artist Tara Young shares her tricks of the trade.

Flawless Foundation
Credit: Bernard Levy

Adjust according to season.
It's a good idea to re-evaluate your foundation strategy seasonally. Because October marks a transition in Southern weather, it's the perfect time to choose a foundation for fall and winter. Cream and dewy water-based ones are good picks to brighten dull, dry skin.

Enlist help from a pro.
First step: Visit department-store makeup artists trained to evaluate your skin type. Brand formulas vary, so test a few. "Most women can't go wrong with a water-based foundation with iridescence or tinted moisturizer," Tara says. Apply to your cheek and jawline and step into the sunlight to see which one best matches your skin tone.

Pick the right tools.
Ditch those old makeup sponges, which absorb product and are bad for the environment. Instead, apply foundation with a brush. You don't have to spend a fortune—quality brushes are available at drugstores. Clean brushes weekly to ensure a smoother application and keep bacteria away.

Your foundation needs friends.
Primers provide a barrier between the skin and your makeup and also absorb oil. "These products are great if you need a polished look all day long," Tara says. Apply primer after moisturizer and before your foundation, then set the look with powder. Look for powders that are finely grained (sometimes referred to as "micronized"), which provide sheer coverage. Touch up with powder throughout the day.