Organize your wardrobe with these handy makeover ideas.

Eliminate the Clutter
Organize your wardrobe with these handy makeover ideas.
| Credit: Van Chaplin / Styling Rose Nguyen

When the temperature turns chilly, we tend to take refuge in our cozy homes. Make the most of this time by organizing your closet. You might find that the process relieves anxiety and stress. Plus, you will no longer have to search for clothes because they'll be neatly tucked away.

The Great Divide

Before you organize, sort through everything. Separate your clothes into four stacks: 1) items that you love and always wear; 2) items that look better on the hanger, that you don't really like, or that don't fit well and never wear; 3) items that fall in between these two categories; and 4) items that need repair.

1. Examine the first group. Keep the pieces that look great on you, are in good condition (not faded, etc.), and still have many wears left in them. Place clothing that doesn't make the cut into a side pile.

2. Go through the second pile, and decide what items are in good enough condition to donate to local charities, trade with friends, or consign.

3. The third stack calls for honesty. An item's expense isn't necessarily a good reason to keep it, especially if you don't like the way it looks on you. On the other hand, there might be old items that you haven't worn in a while that can be matched up with other pieces in your closet to make new outfits. Or get friends together for an exchange party. You'll get great stuff that's new to you.

4. Approach the fourth pile with caution. Great clothes are an investment. But if the cost of a tailor or shoe hospital outweighs an item's value, then it might be more economical to buy something new.