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My Lower Back Would Be Screaming Without This Simple $9 Amazon Find

More than 6,000 happy Amazon reviewers will back me up on this one.
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Don't get me wrong, I know there are plenty of jobs out there that really are a pain in the, well, back. From retail associates and construction workers who lug around large loads to dentists and chefs who lean over patients and pots to work, there are plenty of people who put their back on the line to get the job done. Even a 9-to-5 desk job can leave your back aching when you finally get up from your office chair. But after nine months with a growing belly, I feel like I can safely say that nothing strains your lower back quite like pregnancy.

A quick Google search will give you a myriad of remedies for back aches during pregnancy, and I'm not ashamed to admit I've tried most of them. Prenatal yoga positions, sleeping on your side, heating pads (this wearable one is actually pretty great), lifting things off the ground properly–it's all important and helpful. But as I inched closer to my due date, nothing seemed to give me instant relief quite like this $9 manual massage ball I found on Amazon.

In all honestly, the ball was a spontaneous middle of the night Amazon purchase, but groggy phone shopping is sometimes when I make my best purchases. My logic? If you need it enough to search for it online at 3 a.m. when you can't sleep, it's no longer an impulse buy. It's a justified buy.

This simple manual massager is just that: a necessity. Using it is like pushing a tennis ball into your pain points, but better. Its built-in rolling capabilities lets you apply just the pressure you need while gliding it over your trouble spots and knots. The best part? You can do it yourself–no pestering your partner to give you a back rub or help you move a cumbersome massager up and down your back. Plus, if you're experiencing pains elsewhere, you can roll this modest massager right onto your next spot, from your shoulders and neck to your quads and calves.

Manual Massage Ball
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It's nothing fancy, but you better believe we won't head to labor and delivery without this portable massager packed away in my hospital bag. Whether you're pregnant or trying to overcome chronic pain, it's worth a try. More than 6,000 happy Amazon reviews will back me up on this one.